Fireworks Tents, Storefronts Sprout Widely Under New Michigan Law

Hundreds of local sellers peddle bottle rockets, Roman candles and other dazzlers for summer revelry.

Get set for a loud and lively fireworks season as dozens of new sales outlets take advantage of a relaxed state law in effect this year.

Now that consumers can buy airborne fireworks without leaving Michigan, more than 200 retail sales permits have been issued to temporary sites and stores around Metro Detroit, MLive Media Group reports. Macomb tops the list with 86 sellers, followed by Oakland (61), Wayne (70) and Livingston (38).

Some have colorful names – such as Thunderking in Rochester Hills, Red Dragon in Shelby Township and TNT Fireworks in Royal Oak. Others are generic tents, sprouting like carnivals as a sign of the season. Churches benefit from sales at sites in Royal Oak and White Lake.

It became legal this year to sell bottle rockets, Roman candles and other flying devices to consumers. Legislators passed the change, which Gov. Rick Snyder signed last Dec. 13, to generate sales tax revenue and registration fees. Sellers pay $1,000 annually for a permanent site or $600 for a tent or other seasonal, outdoor location.

Cities and townships can’t block sales, and have limited power to restrict where and when individuals can light mini-explosives that whine, bang and boom. The new law bars municipalities from regulating fireworks use on federal holidays – such as July 4 – or the day right before and after.

The City of Trenton’s fireworks display is set for Wednesday, July, 4.

Trenton Police Chief Jim Nardone said fireworks could no longer be regulated on the day before, the day after or the day of a holiday.

Council members suggested a possible ordinance limiting fireworks use at a Trenton City Council meeting in May, but no further discussion was made and no action was taken.

Councilperson MaryEllen McLeod said residents are encouraged to practice safety.

“They are dangerous,” McLeod said. “You could blow your hand off.”

The following list shows locations in Michigan Patch communities that are approved by the state Bureau of Fire Services to sell fireworks this year from an existing business or temporary site. The application deadline was April 1. A searchable list of all 613 businesses statewide is at this Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs site.

Royal Oak

  • TNT Fireworks, 5150 Coolidge Rd. (tent in Meijer lot, operated by Grace Apostolic Church). Applicant: Charles Friese.
  • TNT Fireworks, 31786 Woodward Ave. (tent in Shell lot, operated by Grace Apostolic Church). Applicant: Charles Friese.
  • Royal Liquor Enterprises, 1703 E. 11 Mile Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Scottie Denha.

Bloomfield Hills

  • Jakes Fireworks, 2101 Telegraph Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Jason Marietta.


  • Abednego, 10840 Grand River Ave. (store). Applicant: Michael Crosby.


  • Unnamed tent, 41601 Ford Rd. (temporary). Applicant: William Munaco.


  • Telegraph Cigarette Station, 3965 Telegraph Rd. (store). Applicant: Kevin Bruce.
  • V.I.P. Car Wash, 27275 Ford Rd., Dearborn Heights (store). Applicant: George Abousouan.
  • Fun 4 All Trading, 13300 Ford Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Mohamad Hojeije.
  • Unnamed tent, 18900 Michigan Ave. (temporary). Applicant: William Munaco.
  • Unnamed tent, 22275 Michigan Ave. (temporary). Applicant: Yasir Kaskorkis.

Farmington Hills

  • R. George Sales, 39045 Polo Club, #202 (temporary). Applicant: Rimon George.
  • Phantom of Michigan, 32905 Northwestern Hwy. (temporary). Applicant: Raechelle Speaker.
  • Phantom of Michigan, 35000 Grand River Ave. (temporary). Applicant: Raechelle Speaker.


  • Crazy Fireworks, 9576 Highland Rd. (store). Applicant: Tracy Wolf.

Lake Orion

  • BYA Fireworks, 664 – 704 S. Lapeer Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Michael Mahan.
  • Freebies Fireworks, 3677 Lapeer Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Tom Tracy.
  • Fireworks Paradise, 685 S. Lapeer Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Mark Joseph.
  • USA Fireworks, 1025 Lapeer Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Don Mock.
  • USA Fireworks, 1298 Lapeer Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Don Mock.

Macomb Township

  • Motor City Fireworks, 20967 Hall Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Elissa Burda.
  • Motor City Fireworks, 46856 Hayes Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Elissa Burda.
  • Unnamed tent, 15351 Hall Rd. (temporary). Applicant William Munaco.
  • Motown Fireworks, 16621 21 Mile Rd. (temporary). Applicant: George Kassa.


  • Ingram Enterprises, 27754 Novi Rd. (store). Applicant: Michael Ingram.


  • Michigan Fireworks, 9618 N. Territorial Rd. Applicant: Michael Smith.


  • Unnamed tent, 1132 S. Rochester Rd. (temporary). Applicant: William Munaco.

Rochester Hills

  • Phantom of Michigan, 150 W. Tienken (temporary). Applicant: Raechelle Speaker.
  • USA Fireworks, Crooks Road and M-59 (temporary). Applicant: Don Mock.
  • Thunderking Fireworks, 2627 – 2951 S. Rochester Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Virgil Johnson.

Shelby Township

  • Red Dragon Fireworks, 47054 Dequindre Rd. (store). Applicant: Jeff Sobocinski.
  • Thunderking Fireworks, 13975 Hall Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Virgin Johnson.
  • Arteeza Enterprises, 13459 23 Mile Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Rodel Yousif.
  • Arteeza Enterprises, 13595 21 Mile Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Rodel Yousif.
  • Unnamed tent, 50622 Schoenherr Rd. (temporary). Applicant William Munaco.
  • Unnamed tent, 2111 Dequindrel Rd. (temporary). Applicant William Munaco.

St. Clair Shores

  • Fun 4 All Trading, 30780 Schoenherr (store). Applicant: Mohamad Hojeije.
  • Crazy Fireworks, 30631 Jefferson Ave. (store). Applicant: Tracy Wolf.
  • Fits Entertainment, 26523 Little Mack (temporary). Applicant: Dennis Robertson.


  • Pure & Simple Solutions, 3883 Rochester Rd. (store) Applicant: Douglas Blunden.
  • Fun 4 All Trading, 36949 Dequindre Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Mohamad Hojeije.
  • Fun 4 All Trading, 5071 Rochester Rd. (Meadowbrook Plaza tent). Applicant: Mohamad Hojeije.
  • SGS Electrical Service, 100 E. Maple Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Sam Semma.


  • Fun 4 All Trading, 50925 Hayes Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Mohamad Hojeije.
  • Fun 4 All Trading, 49080 Van Dyke Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Mohamad Hojeije.
  • Motor City Fireworks, 45400 Utica Park Blvd. (temporary). Applicant: Elissa Burda.
  • Unnamed tent, 4025 Auburn Rd. (temporary). Applicant William Munaco.

West Bloomfield

  • Phantom of Michigan, 7300 Haggerty Rd. (store). Applicant: Raechelle Speaker.

White Lake

  • Crazy Fireworks, 10150 Highland Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Tracy Wolf.
  • SGS Electrical Service, 8001 Elizabeth Lake Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Sam Semma.
  • SGS Electrical Service, 6350 E. Highland Rd. (temporary). Applicant: Sam Semma.
  • TNT Fireworks, 10951 Highland Rd. (tent in Kmart lot, operated by Base Church of Waterford Township). Applicant: Charles Friese.


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