Leave it to Bieber: Trenton Native J.J. Putz, Bieber Card Go Viral

J.J. Putz, an All-Star pitcher with the Diamondbacks and a graduate of Trenton High School, found a rare Justin Bieber card. A photo of the star closer and the card that was posted on Twitter then went viral.

Arizona Diamondbacks closer and Trenton High School alum J.J. Putz has Justin Bieber fever.

In fact, Putz's Bieber fever—or at least a photo of the baseball player holding a baseball card of the teen idol—has gone viral.

Putz, a former All-Star who saved 45 games for the Diamondbacks last year, found a rare, autographed Justin Bieber card in a pack given to him by teammate Brad Ziegler.

Yahoo! Sports Big League Stew said the Bieber card is worth a lot of money. The Knights Lance, a blog devoted to Panini America, the company that makes the cards, said the Bieber card has sold for $4,500 on eBay.

Ziegler posted a photo of Putz with the Bieber card on Twitter, and the picture went “viral,” according to a report on diamondbacks.com. The photo, which shows Putz smiling and giving a thumbs-up while holding the Bieber card, has gotten a lot of attention on blogs and Twitter.

Putz, who denied he is a Bieber fan, told dbacks.com that he likely will give the card to teammate Craig Breslow to sell to charity.


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