Trenton Mock Trial Team Lunch With Local Judges

Trenton High School students took 11th place in a regional mock trial in March.

As a reward for their hard work and placing 11th in a regional mock trial, students had lunch with two 33rd District Court judges Thursday.

Nine students participated in the .

Teacher and coach Dan Taylor said this was just the first year the high school competed in the competition and was proud of his team and their success.

The students shared pizza and pop with judges Michael McNally and Jennifer Coleman Hesson in the jury assembly room at the courthouse.

The students said they prepared for the competition by identifying evidence and asking questions to get to get to the bottom of the mock murder trial.

"What you really try to do is trick them and trip them up, so they don't know what to say," sophomore Madison Lovasz said.

Lovasz said she plans on pursuing a career in law.

"I love the aspect of it," Lovasz said. "You get to do something right. You get to prove that you can take people off the streets. You can be a superhero without any powers."

Coleman Hesson called the mock trial an excellent platform to further students' interest in law.

"There isn't enough interest in this area and I think this gives them an opportunity to become familiar with the court system and legal system without actually being charged with a crime," Coleman Hesson said.


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