School Board Selects New President

Trenton police officer Mike Hawkins is the new president of the Trenton Board of Education.

members selected Mike Hawkins for board president by unanimous ballot Monday night at the 2012 Board of Education organizational meeting.

Hawkins, 34, has been a school board member for four years. He was recently reelected in November when he ran unopposed.

Hawkins has been a officer for over ten years and recently became a handler in the K-9 division.

Hawkins said he wants to keep things moving in a positive direction for Trenton Public Schools and his first area of interest is a smooth transition for the new superintendent.

Other board members were selected for remaining positions on the board:

  • Carol Oakley is now vice president
  • Cristine Howe is now secretary
  • Thomas Kinney is now Treasurer

Board members will hold the position for one year.

"We rotate the officers so everyone has an opportunity so nobody gets a strangle hold on any given position," Hawkins said.

Annie Ominous January 12, 2012 at 06:33 PM
How about they get a grip on reality before they worry about a strangle hold on a certain board position? I mean, we wouldn't want any one of them to become proficient at say...finance or HR. If that happened all the wool would fall off all their eyes and they would have to start taking action on the unqualified leadership they employ AND oversee. Every time I see a picture of one of them (as above) in a 'thinking' pose, I imagine that all that is going through their heads are simple cartoons and thoughts of food. They certainly are not deep in thought about long term planning, educational viability, retaining talented staff, etc. I guess this is mean...they are probably are adding up the interest on the money paid to Plant Moran, and the possibility that one day, they too can become a Plant Moran evangelist and work to destroy more districts from the inside out while padding their own pockets.
Robert Barbantini January 14, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Well, have to agree in some of your thoughts, Annie. I wonder who you really are...you seem to have a "finger on the pulse." However, it will fall on deaf ears. Majority of the community doesn't care and Board members are not paid, so their interest in educational improvement is limited to what they are told by the administration and outside advisers. The students along with the "workers in the trenches" who deal with students daily are largely ignored, not to mention the pay and benefits that have been stripped from the latter. Sad, because the fixes are there but no one is bold enough to try to make them. "Change takes time in Trenton," one former Superintendent once told me and he was a true an honest man....the last one Trenton Central Office had.


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