Hedke PTO President is a Full-Time Volunteer, Part-Time Employee

Pam Mace was selected president of the Hedke Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization after she attended her first meeting -- six years ago.

If your child goes to Hedke Elementary School, chances are you've seen Pam Mace. Whether you saw her at a book fair or walk-a-thon or a spelling bee or fifth grade party, Mace was likely there volunteering her free time to Hedke students.

Mace, 43, is a stay-at-home-mom who is almost never at home. She is president of the Hedke Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and volunteers and works part-time at Hedke during schools hours, after school hours, special events and assemblies.

Mace became an active volunteer at Hedke after attending her first PTO meeting, after which she was selected to be president and has remained in the top spot for the last six years.

She said she is very fortunate to a have a husband who makes enough money selling insurance to allow her the opportunity to dedicate her time helping students at Hedke, including her son Michael, who is in the fourth grade.

"I've always been involved in my childrens' schools," Mace said. "I have a lot of siblings, and my mom wasn't involved in my schools, so that is one thing I always wanted."

Mace has two children in Trenton Public Schools, a son and a daughter. But, her time as president is about to come to an end. Her son has just one year left at Hedke and then he will follow his sister who is already at Arthurs Middle School. After her son leaves Hedke, Mace can no longer be president of the school's PTO.

Hedke PTO officials are currently looking for a new president to replace Mace who has agreed to stick around and help the new president get acquainted with the new position.

Mace said volunteering nearly every free moment to Hedke is not a requirement of PTO president.

"My main job is to run the meeting and to make sure that everybody is doing their job, which I never had a problem with," Mace said. "Going to events is not required for the president, but I enjoy doing that."

Mace also works as a part-time lunch paraprofessional for one hour each day, during lunchtime for the fourth and fifth graders.

Mace said she's not sure what she plans to do once she is no longer PTO president. She said she might continue to volunteer and work at Hedke.

"I have fun," Mace said. "I like when the kids come up and hug me and know my name and the staff is so nice," Mace said. "That says a lot about Hedke. I really enjoy the people that work here, all the lunch paraprofessionals and the parents."

The Hedke PTO meets in the teachers lounge at Hedke on Mondays at 7 p.m. during odd number months and Mondays at 2 p.m. during even number months. For information on the Hedke PTO call Hedke Elementary School 734-692-4563.

Megan October 29, 2012 at 06:28 PM
She was a helper at my preschool back in the day! I loved her then and it seems as if children are still loving her!
Andrea Z W October 30, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Pam is fun to have around! She makes our lives a little bit easier by offering to help in and out of the classrooms.


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