BTS News Brief: District Building Improvements to Be Completed By First Bell

Several remaining projects at multiple schools are to be completed by the time the first bell rings.

A recent bond issue sparked a series of building and campus updates over the past year to renew, update and advance the Trenton Public School District.

The final projects have been ongoing since before the completion of the 2010-11 school year and are to be completed before the first bell rings on Sept. 6, 2011 according to Ken Kreszyn, district supervisor of facilities.

Here is a list of projects expected to be complete by the first day of school:

  • Tennis court replacement and expansion at , which includes the addition of and eighth court.
  • Fascia work at and   elementary schools.
  • Transferring playground equipment from to Hedke.
  • Water main replacement at the high school.
  • Mechanical repairs to the boiler at the high school.
  • Roof top unit at .
  • Swimming pool boiler at Arthurs.


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