Board Members to Begin Selection Process for Superintendent in May

Three competing for the superintendent slot will begin interviewing for the position on May 21 at a public meeting.

After a year of training, vying for district superintendent are scheduled to begin interviewing for the position at 5 p.m. May 21.

The interviews are public meetings and will take place at the located on 's campus.

Each candidate will received about an hour and a half for interviewing purposes according to Board President Mike Hawkins.

Hawkins said the reason board members chose to seek a superintendent internally was because of one very important intangible.

"There’s one intangible that we all agree is one of the most important and that is ownership in the district," Hawkins said.

Hawkins added some of the superintendent candidates were born and raised in Trenton and others have made their careers here.

"They have working knowledge of the people in the community and the students," Hawkins said. "(We want) someone who understands our schools, our community and our kids."

When asked why board members did not seek a tested and qualified superintendent from outside the district Hawkins said the answer is weaknesses.

"When you think of more qualified people or people outside the district the disadvantage is you really don’t know their weaknesses," Hawkins said. "Internally, we know their strengths and their weaknesses."

Only one candidate will be selected for the position, and Hawkins said the district can't lose.

"We can’t make a bad choice," Hawkins. "I don’t think we can go wrong with any of these candidates."

Trenton is one of the only districts using this "internship" style to select a superintendent.

See what approaches other districts are taking in selecting a superintendent.

Annette Marie Haley March 22, 2012 at 11:52 AM
Wise move, Trenton. The sheer cost of not executing a statewide or national search is money back into education. With all of the brilliant staff TPS already is comprised of, a "grow our own" educational leader is a worthy effort. The candidate our Board of Education selects will have our community's children at heart; I applaud the Board for being innovative, and anticipate great strides in education with a homegrown superintendent. Best of luck to all 3 candidates.
Nate Stemen March 22, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Great point Annette Marie Haley! Any other thoughts on this unique selection process? Good? Bad? Who cares?


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