Trenton Patch Guide to Ballot Proposals

Trenton City Clerk Trish Gearhart said the 12 proposals on the upcoming ballot could make for longer waits at the polls.

Trenton residents might find themselves waiting in longer than normal lines on election day due to an abnormally lengthy ballot, according to Trenton City Clerk Trish Gearhart.

The ballot contains six state proposals and six county proposals, which nearly cover an entire ballot both front and back.

Gearhart said residents who think they might be out of town on Nov. 6 should vote absentee to avoid the anticipated long lines.

Here are the ballot proposals:

State Proposals

  • Proposal 12-1: A referendum on Public Act 4 of 2011 -- The Emergency Manager Law
  • Proposal 12-2: A proposal to amend the state constitution regarding collective bargaining.
  • Proposal 12-3: A proposal to amend the state constitution to establish a standard for renewable energy.
  • Proposal 12-4: A proposal to amend the state constitution to establish the Michigan duality home care council and provide collective bargaining for in-home care workers.
  • Proposal 12-5: A proposal to amend the state constitution to limit the enactment of new taxes by state government.
  • Proposal 12-6: A proposal to amend the state constitution regarding construction of international bridges and tunnels.

County Proposals

  • Form of the Wayne County budget and appropriation ordinance.
  • Independent external auditor.
  • Membership on the Wayne County retirement commission.
  • Removal of the Wayne County Executive from office by the governor.
  • The Wayne County Commission's power to approve compensation.
  • Wayne County Community College District millage proposal.

Look to Trenton-Grosse Ile Patch leading up to the election for detailed information regarding the ballot proposals.

*A sample ballot can be found attached to this article located in the photo section.

Kyle Doede October 10, 2012 at 03:01 AM
Thanks Nate for the early look at the ballot.
sine-of-the-times October 10, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Please vote NO on Prop #1...Trenton was on the emergency manager critical list last year, can you imagine?? And Please vote YES on Prop #2 to protect our jobs and working families in Michigan.


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