Trenton High School's 'Top Ten' to be Honored at City Hall

Trenton Mayor Kyle Stack is slated to speak to the "Top Ten" students at Monday's regularly scheduled city council meeting.

Trenton High School's best and brightest were invited to attend Monday's regularly scheduled city council meeting beginning at 8 p.m. at .

Trenton administration sent letters to the "Top Ten" high school students asking them to come and be recognized. There are eleven students being honored this year due to several ties in rank.

Trenton Mayor Kyle Stack is slated to speak to the students during the presentation.

Trenton's "Top Ten" are:

  • Tori Hart--4.0, rank 1
  • Tara Kurtzhals--4.0, rank 1
  • Madelyn Stover-Sash--4.0, rank 1
  • Diamant Kurteshi--3.99, rank 4
  • Victoria Vandenberg--3.99, rank 4
  • Kathryn Davis--3.98, rank 6
  • Emi Mitsusada-Boylan--3.98, rank 6
  • Bogdan Mosincat--3.97, rank 8
  • Anthony Kryk--3.96, rank 9
  • Elisa Obregon--3.95, rank 10
  • Timothy Reeber--3.95, rank 10
Nate Stemen May 08, 2012 at 01:08 AM
What advice would you give a "Top Ten" Trenton student?


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