Trenton Fire Chief Requests 3 New Firefighters

Trenton Fire Chief Bruce Vick wants three new firefighters to fill in positions left empty after a number of injuries.

Trenton Fire Chief Bruce Vick told Trenton City Council members he needs three new firefighters during a budget meeting at Trenton City Hall Monday night.

Vick made the request in the 's 2012-13 budget proposal.

Vick makes the request during the biggest budget shortfall in Trenton's history. The city is projecting a deficit of about $3.2 million for 2012-13.

Vick said his department needs three firefighters to fill in for three current employees who cannot work due to injury or extended leave of absence.

The fire department's budget has also increased from about $3.3 million in 2010 to about $3.5 million for 2012. The budget increased by about ten percent since 2010.

Vick told Trenton officials he needs the three additional firefighters to prevent reducing the fire department to a six-man minimum, which would result in no fire protection whenever both ambulances are on a call.

Vick said both of the cities ambulances are on call simultaneously about 67 percent of the time.

He added no fire protection would result in a higher Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating for the city, which means homeowners and industry insurance rates would go up.

The request did not require a vote because it was made during a budget session and not a city council meeting.

Trenton officials are currently considering budgets provided by each major department at the City of Trenton.

A budget for the City of Trenton must be approved by June 30.


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