Ron Paul Rallies Supporters in Dearborn

The GOP candidate for president stops in Dearborn on Monday night to end his four-city campaign tour of Michigan.

Just 12 hours before the polls were set to open for the 2012 presidential primary in Michigan, Ron Paul took to the stage of among a crowd of 1,200 supporters.

The event, dubbed "Doctors for Dr. Ron Paul," brought together members of the 's Arab Student Union, as well as current and future doctors in the community.

"Our name for tonight's event is really appropriate," said former ASU president and medical student Hussein Saghir, who introduced Paul. "Our republic is ill and is in need of a caring hand from a man who has sworn to restore liberty."

The underdog GOP candidate fired up the audience – much of which was comprised of youth and Arab Americans – with discussion of hot-button issues such as health care, cutting the federal deficit and changing foreign policy.

"Be friends with people, even if they're different and even if they aren't perfect," Paul said of his stance on U.S. relations with foreign countries. "When we're perfect, maybe we can lecture them on their civil liberties."

Paul vowed to cut $1 trillion in spending in his first year of office, if elected. To do so, he recommends cuts to health care programs, as well as an end to overseas spending – and involvement in foreign countries' affairs in general.

"If we want to mold the world and show that we're an exceptional nation, let's be an exceptional nation," Paul said.

He also committed to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul urged his supporters to vote in Tuesday's primary, even if they felt that they were in the minority in their support of him.

"The right ideas will prevail and they will not silence us," he said.

Community members agreed that supporting Paul through votes and campaign contributions is crucial heading into Michigan's primary election.

"The key to the primary is turnout, turnout, turnout," Paul's Michigan campaign manager said at the rally. "All that matters is if Dr. Paul is winning delegates out of Michigan."

Osama Siblani, publisher of the , spoke of his paper's endorsement of the GOP candidate.

"We believe that Dr. Paul brings to this campaign sense, sanity and sincerity," Siblani said. "He is the only candidate that brings us together while others are prying us apart."

He urged attendees to donate to Paul's campaign, and to hit the polls on Tuesday.

"We do not win an election by becoming emotional," Siblani said. "Elections are won by polls and money."

Jim February 28, 2012 at 11:28 AM
I don't think it's accurate to say Dr Paul wants to cut health care spending like this article says. Instead he wants to cut overseas military spending, eliminate 5 cabinet departments, and pare back spending to 2006 levels. And Dr Paul has said in many speeches he would preserve spending on social security, Medicare, and food stamps, so health care may be exempt from these across the board spending cutbacks.
Dearborn Taxpayer February 28, 2012 at 12:32 PM
We need to elect more people like Ron Paul at all levels of government. People who actually believe and uphold the principles of limited government, individual liberty & freedom, lower taxes and personal responsibility. Unfortunately, most folks who run for office at all levels want to use the power of government for their own agendas and raise taxes or increase debt to pay for it. Like GM and Chrysler, current levels of government spending and debt at all levels (local, county, state and federal) is unsustainable. Ron Paul gets my vote today!
Matt February 28, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Just voted in the Michigan Primary! Ron Paul 2012! A vote for Ron is a vote for the Constitution! You know...that peace of paper that every other candidate craps on?


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