Reelected Township Supervisor Eager to 'Clean Up' Grosse Ile Community

Unofficial results show incumbent Brian Loftus was reelected as Grosse Ile Township Supervisor by a substantial margin.

With an almost entirely new group of Grosse Ile Trustees coming in, Township Supervisor Brian Loftus said he is looking forward to working with them on specific issues facing the township.

Newly reelected, Loftus said he is the first incumbent supervisor to be reelected on Grosse Ile in a contested campaign in over 30 years. He received more than 1,700 more votes than challenger Tom Burkhart, according to unofficial results.

Loftus said he'd like to work with trustees to tackle two major issues.

"One of the first things I'd like to do is to work with the new board (of trustees) because they are the ones we are going to be working with for the next four years, to make some decisions and find the direction of the township," Loftus said.

Loftus said he'd like to first confront the issue of ordinance enforcement --  particularly the storage ordinance. Residents are currently keeping boats, trailers and commercial vehicles in their front yards and Loftus said he wants to put a stop to that practice.

"We have an ordinance, but they haven’t been enforcing for many years," Loftus said. "I think we need to enforce those ordinances and we need to clean up the community."

Loftus said he also wants to make changes to the township's policy and procedures manual.

"(Grosse Ile's) policies and procedures manual is woefully out of date," Loftus said.

The new board of trustees.

Three out of the four recently elected Grosse Ile trustees are new to the board. Four candidates ran for four available positions.

Trustee Thomas Malvesto served one year on the board before being elected for a four-year term on Tuesday.

The three other newly elected Grosse Ile Board of Trustee members are:

  • James Budny
  • Walter Pociask
  • Lauren Smith


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