POLL: Should Your Primary Ballot Preference – Republican or Democrat – Be Public Record?

To cut down on 'voter mischief', the Michigan Secretary of State will make voter ballot preferences available to the public after the primary.

The Michigan Secretary of State has announced that voters' ballot selections will be available for public review after the 2012 February primary elections. While voters' candidate selections won't be shared, their party preference will be.

According to a Detroit News story, "unlike in other states, Michigan voters don't have to declare a party affiliation when they register. But releasing ballot preferences in this year's presidential primaries is the closest Michiganians come to publicly picking a party, and that makes some uncomfortable."

Some say the measure is an effort to cut down on Democrats voting in both the caucuses and the Michigan Presidential Primary of Republican candidates. 

Do you think your party preference in the February 2012 primary should be private or open record? Take our poll below and let us know in the comments.

Mohammad February 24, 2012 at 11:28 PM
Darryl, is it not governments duty to provide elections? It is, whereas it is not the governments duty to provide retirement funds, health care plans, education, welfare, research, highways, air traffic control, and everything else you've listed and anything else it does that the free markets could do better because the free markets could do it better and at a lesser cost. Well, at least it's not the federal governments duty, because that power is limited by the constitution. At least in theory. All these over reaching powers are reserved for the states via the tenth amendment and if the stat wishes to have such programs by the consent of a majority of the elected representatives, then they will. I still disagree with it. I should note that I am 100% against the openness of the ballot now. It actually violates Article 2 section 4 of the state constitution.
Herb Helzer February 24, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Many of the things you cite aren't PROVIDED by the government, they are REGULATED by the government. Most of the rest cannot be done by the private sector or the free markets. There's no profit in basic research that can't be immediately patented and commodified. There's no profit in road-building that benefits the population as a whole, except where government raises the funds via taxation and signs contracts with private companies to do the work. Could there be profit in air traffic control? Perhaps, but the airlines would HATE paying what the private ATC companies would charge, and the ATC companies would HATE being held liable for any mistakes they might make (each "mistake" costing a couple hundred lives). Do tell me which free market firm would take up the burden of objectively and fairly issuing social assistance? How soon until it devolves into workhouses and debtor's prisons, so that those collecting welfare are in fact "working" for it? Most every one of the "over reaching powers" were voted on by a majority of the elected representatives at that time, signed into law by a President elected by the citizens (via the Constitutionally-decreed Electoral College) -- and often was upheld by the Supreme Court. That sais, states can and do impose themselves on their citizens in myriad ways -- your Tenther assertion is no panacea. Too bad Galt's Gulch is fictional; you'd love it there.
Herb Helzer February 24, 2012 at 11:55 PM
It's a presidential primary for ONE party. The $10 million cost of this election was appropriated from YOUR taxes and mine by a STATE Legislature -- there's your Tenth Amendment right there! -- controlled by that same party, signed into law by a Governor of that same party, and ballots were printed by the Secretary of State -- also of that same party. The printing of a couple hundred thousand "Democratic Party" ballots was pure mischief on the part of Ruth Johnson, to obfuscate the matter. County clerks will be forced to count these ballots, but they will not be used by the Democratic Party in any way. Because Michigan Democrats are PAYING FOR THEIR OWN CAUCUSES ON MAY FIFTH! Selecting Delegates to the national conventions is the very definition of an INTERNAL Party matter, and should not be paid for with taxpayer dollars. That straight enough for you?
dk February 25, 2012 at 11:14 AM
Tell it to the Republicans who created this fiasco, are paying for it with our tax money, and can't refrain from calling Democrats "libruls" and Obama a Muslim, Socialist, lousy christian, and Hitler. This party of zealots can have and sell my name to as many Republican lists as they want. The more money they waste on me, the less they have to elect ALEC and Mackinac Center tools whose only goal is to demonize, destroy and privatize the public resources we built and paid for with our tax dollars. This is the reason I am so grateful for "Patch". Finally a chance to infiltrate the homogeneous network of "good old boys" who only talk to each other reinforcing their monolithic points of view and then legislating them down everyone else s' throats. "what goes round, comes round" and "you do reap what you sow" Facts are not partisan.
Lynn February 29, 2012 at 12:25 PM
I agree Frank!


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