Pastors: Obama Administration 'Bent on Godlessness' in Recognizing Michigan Gay Marriages

Take our poll. Was U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman correct or incorrect in his ruling striking down Michigan's voter-backed ban on same-sex marriage?

The Obama administration’s decision to recognize the marriages of same-sex Michign couples who married last weekend after a federal judge’s ruling striking down Michigan’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional isn’t sitting well with some pastors in the state.

The Gospel Herald,  published by an evangelical, transdenominational, christian media company, reported Saturday that pastors fear that recognition fo the marriages by the federal government usurps voters and will adversely affect churches that adhere to Biblical definitions of marriage as between a man and a woman.

The Rev. Kenneth Klett, who preaches at Covenant Presbyterian Church in western Michigan, says Holder’s decision raises moral and political issues and that the Obama administration is “bent on godlessness.”

Holder’s decision means that legally married gay couples may jointly file tax returns, get Social Security benefits for spouses and request legal immigration status for partners.

“Once a precedent is set in a state and made and goes unchallenged it seems it is just a matter of time before the federal government will protect and promote it,” he said. “This is especially the case in defending immorality. Sure enough, within a day Holder intruded into our governor's territory.”

Gov. Rick Snyder has made clear that the marriages that took place in four Michigan counties were lawful and valid, despite the state’s refusal to recognize them pending the outcome of an appeal on the ruling.

Klett was among about 50 pastors who spoke out against gay marriage in February before a nine-day trial on a lawsuit filed by a Hazel Park lesbian couple who were prevented from adopting a child together. The Rev. Stacy Swimp of Flint called it “an unjust threat to voting rights” and the Rev. Roland Caldwell Sr. of Burnette Inspirational Church in Detroit agreed, saying “the fight is on.”

The pastors claim they are part of a majority of Michigan residents who support traditional, Biblically defined marriages, but Klett said they fear they will be silenced by legal threats, according to the report.

Equality Michigan’s February poll painted a much different pictures, with 56 percent of the 600 people surveyed saying they support gay marriage.

The worldly mind is schizophrenic," Klett said. "We tend to make good decisions about certain things and tragically bad ones regarding others."
John David April 02, 2014 at 07:39 PM
Jay, you forget that some rely on others to look up and check fact before spouting claims. Might be a good subject for his club, to discuss gay marriage laws and treatment of gays around the world.
McGurk April 02, 2014 at 09:04 PM
Editor: Beth; probably, Thank you for removing my comment.
cookiepro2 April 02, 2014 at 11:43 PM
Jay Charles, your entitlement explanation made me laugh! Dale, thanks for your reply. I have a hard time thinking of marriage as something sacred needing protection, due to the high divorce rate, as high as 50% in some reports; it is already a flawed institution. Letting a small minority attain their wish and give them happiness when it is not hurting anyone else does not seem like a big thing.
John David April 03, 2014 at 03:56 AM
Cookiepro, at 2:06 pm you asked what a society is to do [with older, chronically unemployed do] with such citizens, let them starve? In some circles, it's not an unlikely position. Some would say they ought to take action themselves, sell and move, or live in whatever diminished circumstances they find themselves. It is a tough position, complicated, and universal. Look at the various European famines of the 19th century, including the Irish and how the British and Irish reacted or displaced farm and industrial workers, or those who've more recently lost their jobs because of cheap overseas labor. Virtually none affected was really responsible for what happened to themselves. The US and the states do have many safety nets, which some of the hardhearted, hardheaded, or strict "true" belivers of some political persuations, brush off by saying they are Marxist, or socialist, or will make the US the next Greece. None of these safety nets will allow anyone, contrary to some of the hard hearted and hard headed, to live in luxury while collecting a "handout". So, if some find their livelihoods or certain "freedoms" at risk because we are finding a non discriminatory society as required under our Constitution threatened, they really need to decide how they are going to live in that society. Reading comments here, reflecting those reactions, at least reasonable ones, is what makes viewing Patchof most of its value, at least to me.


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