Local Perspectives On Right-to-Work Bill in Trenton, Grosse Ile

Right-to-Work has seen support and opposition in Trenton and Grosse Ile. Find out what the president of the Trenton teachers union, a state representative and a local United Auto Workers union president said about the bill.

Following Gov. Rick Snyder's call to action Thursday, the Michigan Legislature passed a right-to-work bill amid throngs of protesters on the Capitol lawn.

The bill could be on Snyder’s desk as soon as next week.

The bill prohibits unions from collecting fees from nonunion workers, which opponents say would weaken organized labor’s ability to bargain for good wages while supporters say it would boost jobs.

In a Pure Michigan video posted Thursday on YouTube, Snyder says his decision to pursue such legislation is "about being pro-work and giving workers the freedom to choose who they associate with."

Although this legislation would cover both the public and private sectors, there would be an exception for police and firefighters.

Find out what the president of the Trenton Education Association, the president of the United Auto Workers Union Local 372 and a state representative said about the issue:

  • Rep. Pat Somerville: 'Right-to-Work is Not A Collective Bargaining Issue'
  • Local Union President: 'Right-To-Work is an Assault On the Middle Class'
  • Right to Work? Wrong for You. ALL OF YOU.

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c-ya@theballgame December 10, 2012 at 03:29 AM
So........Mr. Snyder states, it's "about being pro-work and giving workers the freedom to choose who they associate with."...then don't apply for a job at an Union shop/job/company.......go elsewhere ...and you won't have to associate with them. But you shouldn't complain about dues and enjoy the benefits without paying them.......You.... Mr. Snyder ...are the one we should not associate with....as you do not have the "working class" worked into your agenda....you make me ill...and I can't wait until you are voted out of office.


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