Kid Rock Joins Mitt Romney on Stage at Royal Oak Music Theatre

Romney supporters are treated to a musical performance by a guy who 'epitomizes Detroit and is an icon.'

When Michigan Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette asked, “Royal Oak do you want to rock?” and “Michigan do you want to roll?” on Monday night, he was serious.

Moments later, after addressing more than 1,000 supporters at the , Mitt Romney described driving to the home of “a fellow that lives in this area.”

“I asked him whether he might come here tonight. I think you know him pretty well,” Romney teased the crowd. “He’s a native son of Detroit. He loves Michigan and he loves Detroit.”

The Republican presidential candidate’s campaign promised to deliver Gov. Rick Snyder and a "special musical guest from Detroit" on his “Earn It” bus tour to Royal Oak.

When the burgundy stage curtains where finally drawn, local music hero Kid Rock belted out his anthem “Born Free” in front of an oversized American flag.

Romney told the crowd Kid Rock asked him, “If you’re elected president will you help me help the city of Detroit?” Romney said he assured him he would.

“And then I said, ‘Given the fact I am willing to do that would you come here and perform a concert tonight for my friends?” Romney said.

After playing one song, Kid Rock shook hands with the Romneys and quickly exited the stage. He offered no comments during his performance or after.

“I thought it was a great touch to have Kid Rock,” said Russ Johnson of Milford. “He epitomizes Detroit and is an icon.”

Jim Perry of Grosse Pointe agreed. “It’s the first time I have saw him,” said the World War II Vet. “He was fantastic.”

Brooke Tajer April 08, 2012 at 01:46 AM
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billie hughes October 26, 2012 at 08:35 PM
i like some of his music, and still do but i AM very surprise and wonder truely why he would support a man who didnt and dont give a hoot about Detroit. Aman who did not lift a finger or a pin to help the big three. Bhughes
billie hughes October 26, 2012 at 08:54 PM
I would like to ask of everyone who is going to vote, now that the debates are over and you possible are still confused or undecided to turn off the news, and dont listen to any more political stuff from either side. Take this time until Nov 6th to think, feel, dream and ask your self where were you then and how are you today, and what do you want for the furture. Do you want to go back and start over with Romney or do you want to continue to go forward even tho it may not of been as fast as some wanted it to be. but we still are going forward a step at a time.Think about your furture, your children,your grandchildren.Take this time to soul search whats good for you and your country and you make your decision. Make sure you vote, we are the voice of what we want and we can and will be heard through our vote.Good luck and best wishes. I will take my own advice now and shut the news of the political fight off so i can truely make a decision based on what i need and want for my country.
Jean Hoffman October 26, 2012 at 09:39 PM
Who is Kid Rock? I thought he was dead? Want a Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat! Personal disposable income has grown nearly 6 times more under Democratic presidents Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown 7 times more under Democratic presidents Corporate profits have grown over 16% more per year under Democratic presidents (they actually declined under Republicans by an average of 4.53%/year) Average annual compound return on the stock market has been 18 times greater under Democratic presidents (If you invested $100k for 40 years of Republican administrations you had $126k at the end, if you invested $100k for 40 years of Democrat administrations you had $3.9M at the end) Republican presidents added 2.5 times more to the national debt than Democratic presidents The two times the economy steered into the ditch (Great Depression and Great Recession) were during Republican, laissez faire administrations http://www.forbes.com/sites/adamhartung/2012/10/10/want-a-better-economy-history-says-vote-democrat/
FHVoice October 26, 2012 at 10:36 PM
billie, good idea. While thinking, do remember that Romney is offering plans to fix the economy in 10 years while criticizing President Obama's progress after only 4; and those plans have been convincingly analyzed as either blowing up the deficit or requiring huge tax increases on the middle class. Note as well the starting point would be very different. Oh, and remember Iran doesn't need Syria to get to the sea, the raw count of the number of ships in the Navy is not a measure of its strength, and there is a difference between pro-choice and multiple choice, and a candidate who cannot announce his support of the equal pay for equal work act does not deserve the privilege of leading the country. That's just a few reasons why at the end of your deliberations, it should be Obama/Biden/Democrats 2012.


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