Haas Park Gets $50,000 From Wayne County for Improvements

Wayne County Commissioner Joseph Palamara visited Trenton City Hall Monday to personally present grant money the the City of Trenton for Haas Park.

A recent grant to improve Haas Park in the amount of $50,000 was approved Monday by the Trenton City Council.

Wayne County Commissioner Joseph Palamara visited Trenton City Hall to personally present the grant money to council.

Joann Perna, director of parks and recreation, said the money would be used to buy and install new playground equipment and a picnic shelter.

There was no mention of any of the funds being allocated to improve the last year.

A date for demolition had not been scheduled as of Friday.

cscharlt October 20, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Aren't there other parks in Trenton that could use a Makeover rather than this one on the fringe of the city down the street from a bar and liquor store? Put that money towards something in downtown on West road.
michelle October 22, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Those kids deserve a nice place to play too. Most people forget that area is even part of Trenton. They pay taxes and have a right to a nice park just as much as anywhere else. Last year they put in a nice playground at Slocum. I helped with that one. If they need help again with this new one I will be there (even if it is at the opposite end of Trenton from where I live.
c-ya@theballgame October 22, 2012 at 10:19 PM
We pay Trenton Property taxes just like the rest of you over there on the ‘other side’ of Trenton, and the park is used by many residents as well as non residents. The updated baseball field (which was updated by winning the GMC Diamond in the Rough “Grant” in 2006) has benefited the Trenton Baseball Association and others as well. Your arrogance astounds me and leads to me believe that you should stay over there on West Road. I would also like to thank Mr. Palamara…from all of us North Trenton residents, “on the fringe of the city, down the street from the bar and the liquor store,” which also boasts THREE churches. Maybe, just maybe, you CSCHARLT, should stop in and learn about brotherly love, I know you would be welcomed. We are usually forgotten when updates are needed. It is from pure neglect, that the building that once held many happy celebrations, must now be demolished. It certainly is nice to be included every 20+ years or so. Any improvements to ANY part of Trenton,….. benefits ALL of US. Sincerely, C-ya at the ball game....... over here in NORTH Trenton.
c-ya@theballgame October 22, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Thank you Michelle, you have restored my faith that there are others in our city, that can be happy for improvements regardless of where they take place. I appreciated your post. C-ya at the ball game.........over here in North Trenton
michelle October 23, 2012 at 01:45 PM
I'm not sure how many people Parks and Rec have on staff but I know a lot of these projects are volunteer based and funded by grants and donations. Trenton's budgets are so tight right now that they don't have the funding on their own for the parks. I live near Taylor I recently moved there over the summer. I used to live right behind Kennedy. I grew up in that neighborhood and went to Taylor. There is a park over by Valley and Hillcrest although I havenot been there in years. I'm not sure of its condition. If you want to grab a paint brush, I'll be more than happy to join you. I'm sure we can get a few people together to paint stuff. I'll even buy the paint. Maybe Joann can get us some help if the park really needs it. As I said, I'm not really sure. My son is 13 and doesn't bother much with swing sets and jungle gyms anymore. It doesn't matter to me though, I would still do what I can as a resident to keep the parks nice. I work full time but don't mind volunteering locally on weekends. So if you are game, I am. At least the city is trying to do something. I hate when people take a positive and turn it negative. People need to quit complaining, get off their butts and do something about it. Set an example. Just because we don't have a lot of money right now doesn't mean we can't have nice parks. It just takes more community involvement.
c-ya@theballgame October 23, 2012 at 10:18 PM
And.........by the way...... when did West Road become "downtown" Trenton.........unless you are referring to West Jefferson and West Road....? I've lived in Trenton all of my life...40++ years...and as far as I know.... it is the area along the river on West Jefferson that has always been called "downtown" Trenton. And if you are commenting that the money should go there......well ........we already have our beautiful Elizabeth Park around the corner.
c-ya@theballgame October 24, 2012 at 03:44 AM
I'm game too.....should we wait until spring or do it now? How about, we make a plan to do it in April or May? Then we can get the word out to other volunteers by posting it on this site? I'm sure they'd be willing to headline it........... or we could start a new "blog"......and possibly apply for another grant.........that is how HAAS park is being updated. Any improvements to Trenton are good ones. This late in the year is so unpredictable, with the frost…..cold temps……above average temps…the paint may not adhere…..and there will be spring cleaning to do anyways..??
michelle October 24, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Well, I can talk to Joann. I agree with c-ya. Waiting until spring would probably be best. That is when they are doing Haas. I doubt anyone would complain about us cleaning and making things pretty for the city. Maybe they will even scrape a few dollars up. If not, I am serious about buying the paint. I will definitely work it out with the city though. Maybe I can talk the Masons into helping us too. :-)
cscharlt October 24, 2012 at 03:04 PM
I'm not sure how you perceived my commend as arrogant or neglectful of other city residents. I was merely providing a different perspective as to how the money could be used to invigorate activity in other areas of the city that desperately need it, which in turn would provide more long term tax money to fund activity elsewhere. I was referring to something in the West Jefferson, not West road area. My apologies for the confusion. I also don't need to be lectured about the park building or park, of which I ATTENDED as a child. If it was of true value to you and the majority of city residents, then it wouldn't have gone so long without maintenance. So, Cya, if you're so big on brotherly love, why don't you go get some brothery love from those Riverview residents that use the park to fund some work as well? Stop attacking others via comments on a public site about education in brotherly love - as this isn't very conducive to your cause.
c-ya@theballgame October 25, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Your post, which was the first post about the article sounded very condescending. So if you think I was attacking you...I was.. because you threw it out there first. As if we weren’t holy enough to receive one because we have a bar and a liquor store down the street and we aren’t in “your” area of the city….hence my post that we boast 3 churches. I don’t think I perceived it incorrectly by the way it was worded. I don’t think Michelle did either. And for the record I don’t even know who Michelle is….. She could be a teenager in Alaska….promising to buy paint. I’ll find out …..in May. If you worded your post incorrectly… I apologize…but the additional comment about putting it “downtown” puzzled me because we have Rotary Park, Slocum Park and Elizabeth Park all in that area. And, that is why I posted the brotherly comment meaning that you should be happy for any improvement for your neighbors even if we aren’t “next door” neighbors. Any improvement to Trenton is a good one. And I agree about Downtown….it needs help……but the “grant” was for a “Park“….. as you acknowledged in your post. Continued..........
c-ya@theballgame October 25, 2012 at 03:19 AM
The City of Trenton still held North Trenton‘s VOTING precinct at the HAAS park building, until last year when they condemned it. The PRESCHOOL was still operating up until the day that the city condemned it. If it was good enough for all of them ...how was I to know it was in “dire” need of being demolished. You can’t tell it from the exterior unless you walk around the building and inspect it yourself. And it is a cement block structure, so the pebbled exterior doesn’t say much as siding could fix that. They haven’t put any money into that building in years, BUT rented it up until the month that the city inspectors went over there to condemn it. Where did all of that rental money go? West Road? It didn’t go for any visible improvements to the building that is for sure. Continued........
c-ya@theballgame October 25, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Then …yes….North Trenton residents took a stand and went door to door and signed petitions….I was one of them…as well as many others…..use the search button at the News Herald web site to review it if needed. And, as far as you attending the building and the park as a child…..You and I were probably playmates…..and you probably had Riverview playmates as well. I pay Riverview School taxes because they adopted us…..because Trenton didn‘t bother to. But I still pay Trenton property taxes and expected that the building was being inspected. They sure liked my inspection fees to make sure my house was safe. Why not a public building? If Riverview needs help with their parks I’ll help them…..but it our own Parks and Recreation Dept. in Trenton……that never re-invested the monies from renting the building…..that is why it must be demolished. And…….so we go from here.


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