City Hiring Freeze Suspended Again for Trenton Police Department

The Trenton Police Department is hiring three new officers, which will save the city money in overtime costs, according to Councilperson Bill LeFever.

Have gun? Willling to travel to Trenton?

Officials at the are looking to fill three patrol positions recently approved by city council members Monday at .

Though the city has been on a hiring freeze since February, Trenton administrators requested the freeze be lifted to hire two police officers, an assistant engineer and a part-time clerical position at the Waste Water Treatment Plant and to provide a promotion in the Department of Public Works.

Councilman Bill LeFever made a motion to increase the number of officer positions from two to three because the additional officer would reduce the number of overtime hours currently being used.

The hiring freeze was not lifted for the three remaining positions, though they are already in the 2012-13 budget. Council members plan to discuss the positions at an upcoming study session.


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