City Green Lights Restaurant at Kennedy Center

After eight months of negotiations Trenton city council members approved a new restaurant at Kennedy Recreation Center.

After eight months of negotiations and countless hours of meetings dedicated to discussing the project, Trenton city council members approved an agreement Monday night to allow a company to build a .

Representatives of the Kennedy Restaurant Group LLC said they would like to open the restaurant on or before Jan. 1, but added it might take longer to complete the extensive construction required to convert the space into a full-service restaurant and bar.

Ron Marcissuk, Jr., head of business affairs for the restaurant group, said the group's cost to build the new restaurant might exceed $1 million.

Marcissuk and council members were relieved to come to an agreement after months of negotiations.

"I am speechless," Marcissuk said. "I don't have the words to describe the emotion of everything we have gone through the last eight or nine months to put this project together. It's surreal."

Trenton Mayor Gerald Brown was also relieved.

"After several months of negotiations ... we came to a conclusion with both parties tonight," Brown said.

Brown said the city will lease the second floor of the to the restaurant group for $42,000 per year, as well as other forms of revenue. He added the space has not been rented out for about two years.

The agreement included allowing the restaurant group to take over the concession stand on the first floor in order to prevent competition between the city and the restaurant.

For more on the specifics of the contract agreed upon by the restaurant group, mayor and council please check back with Trenton Patch.


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