3 Questions With Trenton School Board Race Newcomer Sean Gearhart

Sean Gearhart has lived in Trenton for his entire life, graduated from Trenton High School and has a daughter at Anderson Elementary School.

Voters will be heading to the polls Tuesday to decide who to elect for the Trenton Public Schools Board of Education.

There are two spots open on the board and three candidates running. Sean Gearhart is one of those candidates.

Gearhart, 34, is a lifetime resident of Trenton. He graduated from Trenton High School, received a bachelor's degree in construction management from Eastern Michigan University and works as an operations and construction manager for Atwell/Anderson, LLC.

Gearhart has been married to his wife, Courtney, for eight years and they have a 21-month-old son and a 7-year-old daughter, who is in the second grade at Anderson Elementary School.

He is the son of Trenton City Clerk Trish Gearhart.

If elected, this would be Gearhart's first time on the board.

Trenton-Grosse Ile Patch editor Nate Stemen caught up with Gearhart to find out what his plans are for the district, if elected.

These are the questions asked by Nate Stemen followed Gearhart's answers:

Why run for school board?

"First: my kids are in the district (or will be), and I want to be involved in making sure they, and all the other children in the district get the best education possible.

"Second: I am interested in being a part of the solutions. I would rather not sit on the sidelines and hope that the right decisions will be made for our school district.

"Third: I am a proud graduate of the district (k-12), and I would like to make sure that it is continually improving.

"Fourth: I am concerned about the city as a whole. We need to start attracting educated young families to live here. I believe that having a good school district is the best way to attract these families."

What are you plans for the school board? What would you do if elected? Anything specific?

"I do not have any specific agendas when elected. I will make sound, commonsense judgements to all issues. I am a very open minded person that takes in all the facts before coming to a conclusion."

What can voters expect from you as a school board member?

"Dedication, honesty, and integrity."

Les November 04, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Why no agenda??? It seems as though any one who runs for public office should have some goals in mind! Whose side of the aisle are you on ---administrators or teachers?


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