Trenton Residents Now Have Crime Stats at Their Fingertips

Trenton residents can learn of recent criminal activity in their neighborhood less than 24 hours after the alleged crime is reported.

The has become one of only a handful of southeastern law enforcement agencies to use Internet-based crime mapping to inform residents of recent alleged criminal activity.

The website CrimeMapping.com allows residents of Trenton a glimpse into alleged crimes that were committed in and around Trenton in the last 24 hours.

said the new tool can be used by both Trenton residents and the Trenton Police Department in an effort to create a partnership to help prevent future crimes.

"One of our goals is total transparency with the residents of Trenton and now we're taking it a step further," Nardone said. "Were sharing the info with them, so they can help us prevent crimes in the community."

Residents can search recent criminal activity by visiting the Crime Mapping website and searching for crimes in their neighborhood.

"We're using the mapping system internally to identify hot spots, which are places where criminal activity took place in a certain neighborhood," Nardone said.

Specific types of crime are represented by different icons on the website such as:

  • A spray paint can represents vandalism
  • A fist represents assault
  • A masked face represents burglary
  • A dollar sign represented theft/larceny
  • A swerving vehicle represents driving while intoxicated
  • A vehicle represents a motor vehicle theft

By clicking on the icon, residents can find out more information about the alleged crime including the time and date it took place, the neighborhood in which it was committed and a short description of the incident.

Residents can register online to receive free updates via e-mail when new criminal activity occurs in their area, according to a Trenton police release. Users choose the distance as well as crimes they wish to stay informed about and track.

"A single user can register multiple times in order to learn about activity occurring near their residence, place of business or even their child’s school of attendance," according to the same release.

The free service is available to everyone by simply visiting the CrimeMapping.com web page and finding Trenton on the map.

The service costs the City of Trenton about $100 per month and is paid for by city crime prevention funds.

Trenton and Taylor are the only Downriver communities using the online crime mapping service.


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