Trenton Police Report Increase in Arrests in 2012

Deputy Chief Steve Voss said good police work and more officers on the road helped increase the number of arrests in 2012.

Officers of the Trenton Police Department have made about 83 more arrests this year compared to last year.

Deputy Chief Steve Voss said good police work and more officers on the road were major contributors to the increase in arrests. Trenton police recently hired three new officers.

"The officers on the road are working really hard," Voss said. "The officers are working with a more proactive mindset."

Voss added the officers' proactive mindset comes from the newly implemented crime mapping system called CrimeMapping.com, which allows officers to use a data-driven police style. 

"It has a lot more to do with the guys working hard, though," Voss said.

Statistics provided by the Trenton police show arrest totals from January to October in 2011 and 2012. Here are the statistics in several categories:


  • 573 arrests in 2012
  • 432 arrests in 2011

Incidents reported

  • 12,894 in 2012
  • 12,448 in 2011

Cases investigated

  • 1,615 in 2012
  • 1,404 in 2011

Handgun Permits Issued

  • 558 in 2012
  • 553 in 2011

Handguns registered

  • 506 in 2012
  • 480 in 2011


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