UPDATED: Trenton Police Chief: K2 and Spice Issue 'Is Being Addressed'

Trenton Police Chief Jim Nardone addressed residents at Monday's city council meeting.

Among , Trenton Police Chief Jim Nardone told residents rumored sales of within the city limits are being addressed.

Nardone addressed residents at the regularly scheduled meeting Monday night.

"I wanted the public to know that we are addressing it," Nardone said at the meeting.

Nardone said he received a complaint that a business in Trenton was selling Spice, but, after investigation, he assured residents the accusation was not true.

"This specific business was not selling any K2 or any synthetic narcotics," Nardone said.

However, Nardone said he received a second complaint on Monday about a local business selling K2, but he had not had a chance to verify the complaint at 4:40 p.m. Tuesday.

"I was not able to meet with them yet, and I will probably be meeting with them before the end of the business day today," Nardone said Tuesday.

Nardone added his officers have been going around to local businesses to see if synthetic narcotics are being sold.

"We haven't gotten to all of the businesses, and I will not say that it is not being sold in Trenton, right now," Nardone said. "We do not know whether it's being sold or if any of these substances are being sold."

He encouraged residents to call the with any questions regarding the issue 734-676-3737.

Trenton Patch editor Nate Stemen called each gas station and convenience store in the Patch directory and was unable to find any Trenton business to admit to selling K2 and/or Spice.

*This article was updated at 5:00 p.m. Tuesday.


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