Trenton Chief Offers Gun Control Insight to Congressman John Dingell

Congressman John Dingell concluded a three-day series of constituent meetings Wednesday with community officials and leaders including Trenton Police Chief Jim Nardone.

Trenton Police Chief Jim Nardone met with Congressman John Dingell Tuesday to discuss gun control.

Nardone was among other local law enforcement officials, state legislators, mayors, school superintendents, mental health advocacy groups and area sportsmen to discuss the ongoing national conversation surrounding gun violence prevention during a three-day series of constituent meetings, according to a Dingell release.

Nardone said many topic were discussed in the meeting including more effective background checks, straw purchases and mental health issues and their influence on gun laws.

"We had some meaningful dialogue on how to reduce violent crimes in our community."

Nardone elected not to comment on his personal opinions surrounding gun laws.

"I want the same thing that a lot of people want and that's accountability and punishment for those that commit violent crimes with guns," Nardone said.

Dingell said the "meetings have allowed for a continuation of an open, honest discussion about the necessary steps we must take to keep our children and families safe, while also protecting the very same rights granted to us by the Constitution that have helped keep our nation free," according the release.

Dingell, a Vice Chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, has also urged residents of Michigan’s 12th Congressional District to contact his office and share their thoughts and concerns.

Contact Congressman John Dingell's office by visiting the House of Representatives website.

As a chief I am grateful to (John) Dingell for meeting with us and discussing this issue," Nardone said. "My priority is to protect police officers and the people of this community from gun violence."

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Nate Stemen January 31, 2013 at 07:53 PM
Tell us what you think about Congressman Dingell taking a more proactive approach to gun control? -- NS


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