Fatal Crash Causes Trenton Business Owner's Building to be Demolished

Tim and Jan Debacker own Debacker Lawn Care in Trenton and a recent fatal crash left them with a soon-to-be demolished building.

A local business owner said a that took place early Wednesday morning would lead to the demolition of a large building on his property on Fort Street.

"I woke up to the bang," Trenton business owner Tim Debacker said.

A 50-year-old Taylor man died after he attempted to elude police and crashed his car into one of Debacker's buildings at a high rate of speed.

Tim and Jan Debacker have owned for nearly 25 years and have operated out of their current location, 2501 Fort Street, for 17 years.

The two said the building has been hit before.

In 2009, a drunken driver crashed into the building causing slightly less damage. There was no structure damage found at that time.

After Wednesday's crash, Debacker said a building inspector from the City of Trenton told him the building would have to be demolished because it is no longer structurally sound.

"It's not (structurally sound)," Debacker said. "We were standing there and a piece fell off the front...it's that bad."

Debacker added the inspector was concerned the building might collapse and pieces might fall into Fort Street.

A local fencing company began erecting a fence around the building Wednesday afternoon to keep people away from the area and debris from falling into Fort Street.

The building was used to maintenance lawn care and excavation equipment, which must now be done in one of the other structures on Debacker's property.

Debacker said his insurance should cover the cost of the demolition as well as the cost of rebuilding a new maintenance building.

With any luck the building would be demolished and rebuilt by the end of the summer or early fall Debacker said.

"We're going to put up a new one farther back (from Fort Street) -- naturally," Debacker said. "It will probably be a bit bigger."

Debacker said his business would likely not be affected by the loss of the building.

Debacker Lawn Care will remain open during demolition.

The lawn care business specializes in grass cutting, landscaping, pavers, fertilization, excavation, etc.

Kelly Grignon May 16, 2012 at 07:18 PM
bummer. Glad he seems to be keeping a positive attitude about it and moving it farther back from Fort St. is definitely for the best.


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