Suspect Reportedly Admits He Hit Woman Because He Thought She Stole His Pills

While a Trenton man was reporting to police that his wife was missing after a 10-day drinking binge, a man reportedly dropped her off. Police said she was "beat up pretty bad."

A Trenton woman was “beat up pretty bad” by a man who reportedly dropped her off at her home at the exact moment her husband was reporting to police that she had been on a 10-day drinking binge and was missing.

The woman’s husband told police that he and his wife had argued about her drinking and her threats to harm him, so she left their home in incident earlier this month, the Press & Guide reports.

Police were at the couple’s house when a man driving a Mustang pulled into the driveway, dropped her off and then sped away. A chase ensued, reaching speeds of up to 80 mph. Police caught up with the man when he pulled into a driveway in the 3200 block of Edison.

The suspect reportedly fumbled with his keys and tried to block police from entering the house, but a K-9 officer detained the man.

The suspect reportedly admitted to police that he had slapped the woman/

“I was trying to get her to move in with me,” he reportedly told police. “I thought she stole my pills, so I slapped her and she got a bloody nose.”

The suspected was treated at Oakwood Hospital – Southshore for treatment of minor dog bite injuries, then transported to the police department.


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