Petkovs' Neighbor Tells Trenton Police: ‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’

Jennifer Petkov's former neighbor files a complaint with police, claiming the harassment of her and her dying granddaughter has continued.

Rebecca Rose, the grandmother of a terminally ill child who gained attention after a neighbor harassed her on Facebook last year, told Trenton police on Thursday that she's still being targeted.

“I’m done. This is my life ... this is my dead daughter, my handicapped daughter who can’t even sit outside without (being called) a retard...this is my life,” Rebecca Rose told Trenton Patch on Friday.

Rose, a grandmother of a , spoke out Friday about what she told police is constant harassment aimed at her and her granddaughter that has been going on for years.

The harassment, she said, is coming from Facebook posts, attributed to a handle that appears to be associated with her former neighbor , 33. Jennifer Petkov made national news last year after she taunted the dying girl on Facebook.

Rose said the most recent incident was Thursday, also via Facebook, and just one day before the anniversary of the girl’s mother’s death.

Both the girl, Kathleen Edward, and her late mother, Laura Edward, were diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. Laura died from the disease on June 17, 2009.

Rose filed the latest complaint with Thursday, after she said she received several messages on her Facebook page from a Facebook user claiming to be the Petkovs at about 9:30 p.m.

Rose was “crying and extremely upset,” according to the report, and told police that the constant harassment had been going on for years.

Facebook documents Rose gave to Trenton police showed comments allegedly attributed to the neighbors stating:

“Detroit St. Party, When that kid dies, cause boys and girls it’s to happen.”

“Dead and gone, only a few more hours till party time, I’m going to visit a grave and take a piss.”

Rose told police, who then confirmed, that she has served Personal Protection Orders against Scott and Jennifer Petkov. The Personal Protection Orders stated that there is to be no communication to Rose, according to police. 

Police said they tried to obtain a written witness statement from Rose, but while she was writing she stated, “I can’t take it anymore” and ran out of the Trenton Police Department crying. 

Police tagged the six Facebook documents they received from Rose as evidence.

Rose told Trenton Patch she wants the harassment to stop for the sake of her dying grandchild. She said she wants her remaining days to be peaceful.

"Doctors say Kathleen might not live another year," Rose said. "She has seizures and is in a wheelchair."

She also wants the harassment to stop because she said she is tired of her life consisting of harassing comments and hateful language toward her and her daughter.

Rose is a neighbor of the Petkovs' in the 200 block of Detroit Street, although a judge forced Jennifer Petkov to move in February after to 18 months probation for an assault and battery charge. Jennifer Petkov was initially charged with felonious driving and reckless driving after allegedly trying to run over a neighbor's friend with her car as she was crossing the street in October 2010.

Jennifer Petkov no longer lives at the house on Detroit Street, but Rose said she has seen her several times since the judge ordered her away from the house.

Jennifer Petkov first made national news after she posted photos of Rose’s daughter and granddaughter on Facebook. The doctored images were of Laura being embraced by the grim reaper and Kathleen in a skull and cross bones.

Rose told Patch she believes Jennifer Petkov started her negative behavior over an unanswered text invitation to a birthday party.

“It’s not a damn neighborhood dispute,” Rose said. "I don’t do anything to these people. Sometimes I might get pissed and say things I probably should not have said, but it’s after they say things to me.”

Rose said she plans to hold a candlelight vigil for her daughter Friday, June 17, on Detroit Street.

Update: When reached Monday afternoon Trenton Police Chief William Lilienthal said the case was under investigation and declined to comment.

Also, many readers asked how to help the family, and wanted to offer prayers or words of support.

Demitri June 20, 2011 at 07:32 PM
You mean here? Scott A Petkov 167 Detroit St Trenton, MI 48183 (734) 479-0776
Penelope June 20, 2011 at 07:32 PM
Here's the thing. Whether it's karma, reaping what you sow, getting what you give etc.....your behaviour is coming back to you in the end. You can NOT treat people this way and expect to live a happy life. And the beauty of it is, when it does come around there is some force of nature that reminds you why.
Kathy June 20, 2011 at 07:34 PM
You know......this wack job needs to be put away. She is disrespectful beyond belief. This disease is a very serious one I know my ex boyfriends grandma died of from that and I saw how she ended up it was truly sad and heartbreaking because I knew her as a child and it also runs on his side of the family and there are more of his family who just recently found out they have it. My kids father don't so I pray it skips them. This b...ch needs a reality ck and some sense seriously knocked into her head!!!!!!
jan manuel June 20, 2011 at 07:36 PM
Yes pure evil really does exist. This woman should be jailed and for more than just a few weeks. Karma will get you, you evil troll. But why can't Grandma just block their posts and ignore their page? I know other people are reading this viciousness, but they are only making fools of themselves and showing people what they really are. Grandma needs to ignore Facebook and create the best possible environment for the little girl. Please surround yourself and granddaughter with beautiful things and good friends. I know it's difficult not to be upset, but it's only making things worse for the child when you become enraged.
Sue June 20, 2011 at 07:36 PM
Sadly, this kind of thing isnt as rare as people think. I have a handicapped Son who's been attacked not only by my neighbor, and frightened into seizures...but ALSO, two police officers which happen to be my neighbors good friend! I cannot tell you how hard it is when you know if you dare try to protect the poor kid, You will end up in jail. In all my 50 years...I've never seen anything like this. I always thought the police would protect children, or the very weak such as harmless mentally & physically handicapped people. I was terribly wrong though, cause we have been living through this horror for a year now. I pray to God, we find a way to sell this house, and move away from here as soon as we possibly can. Good luck to that poor Grandmother, I honestly feel your pain. God Bless you, and keep you strong.


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