Judge Dismisses Hearing for Jennifer and Scott Petkov

A hearing regarding alleged personal protection order violations against the Petkovs was dismissed Thursday.

A judge Thursday dismissed a hearing for for allegedly violating at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in Detroit.

Judge Lita Masini Popke dismissed all four personal protection orders filed by family of Kathleen Edward, whom Jennifer admittedly posted doctored photos of on Facebook in 2010.

As part of an agreement made prior to the dismissal, Jennifer, 34, agreed to continue seeing a court ordered counselor and a psychological evaluation. She and her husband Scott, 33, also agreed to donate $500 each to a Huntington’s disease organization.

“I think that this is an appropriate resolution for what has been a very long and painful experience for everybody in the case,” Popke said. “I think that, based on my understanding, the Petkovs are attempting to genuinely apologize.”

Popke suggested both parties stay away from each other, stay away from Facebook and stay away from commenting on each other.

Kathleen’s father, Robert Edward, 27, and her grandmother, Rebecca Rose, 45, had filed two personal protection orders against the Petkovs on Kathleen and Rose's behalf in 2011.

Rose was in the courtroom for the dismissal. Robert did not appear in court and requested the the personal protection orders he filed on Kathleen's behalf be dismissed.

Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Shelley Drain said Edward wanted to dismiss the case because he had filed for the personal protection orders to protect Kathleen, and now that she is gone he no longer wants to pursue the violations.

“I want to honor his wishes and I don’t want to drag him into court for any further proceedings and any further testimony,” Drain said.

Petkov attorney Scott Weinberg said his clients have been apologizing for posting the doctored photos for two years.

“I think the judge did the appropriate thing,” Weinberg said. “I think if we would have the hearing, personally, I think the judge would have dismissed it because I feel that the allegations were all untrue.”

Jennifer wrote a letter to Rose apologizing for posting the doctored photos. Drain mentioned the letter during the hearing.

Rose said she does not accept Jennifer’s apology, and does not wish to have contact with the Petkovs in any way.

“I don’t want anybody saying that I accepted her apology because she never apologized for what she has done,” Rose said.

Popke said the court would be monitoring Jennifer to be sure she continues her counseling.

The money to be donated was to be returned to them by Wayne County Circuit Court after satisfying their bond agreement in the amount of $500 each.

Weinberg did not know, specifically, where the Petkovs plan to donate the money.

William Riley February 25, 2012 at 07:55 PM
This is Fair??? After all the Hell these people put that Mother and Daughter through, I sure can't understand this one. I wonder who they will torment next?


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