Couple Approach 12-Year-Old Girl in Trenton, Superintendent Alerts Parents

The following information was supplied by the Trenton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

A 12-year-old girl is safe after a couple approached her as she walked to her bus stop shortly before 8 a.m. Wednesday near the corner of Charlton Road and Lenox Street.

The girl told police a man and a woman pulled up alongside her in a silver pickup truck. The male was driving the truck and the female was in the passenger seat, according to a Trenton police report.

The female asked the girl if she needed a ride and the girl responded, "no." The truck then drove away, according to the same report.

The girl said she had never seen seen the truck or the occupants prior to the incident.

When she got to school the girl informed her teacher of the incident who instructed her to share the incident with Arthurs Middle School Assistant Principal Debbie Waple.

Waple requested Trenton police make and file a report regarding the incident. Officers interviewed the girl at about 10 a.m.

Superintendent Rod Wakeham sent an e-mail to Trenton parents at about 1 p.m. detailing the incident and encouraging parents to talk with their children about encountering strangers.

Wakeham said students should "walk to school in groups and be aware of their surroundings during their transit."

"If your child/children should experience any problems with a stranger please inform the school immediately," Wakeham said in the e-mail.

Parents or guardians with questions can contact Rod Wakeham by phone at 734-676-8600 or by email at wakehamr@trentonschools.com.

Contact Editor Nate Stemen natestemen@patch.com for questions on police reports.

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