Comcast Launches Xfinity Home Wireless Security System

Comcast launched Tuesday the new Xfinity Home wireless security system which allows subscribers to remotely monitor their home through text messages and web-based applications.

Comcast customers in Michigan now have the opportunity monitor their home security remotely through the Xfinity Home security system.

Xfinity Home provides subscribers traditional round-the-clock monitoring in addition to being able to remotely monitor and adjust thermostats, lights, and watch streaming video on a computer or mobile device.

"Xfinity takes home security to the next level," said Kevin Gunkel, communication manager for Comcast. "It is a very adaptable system which is geared toward the needs of the customer."

The security system allows subscribers to create personalized settings to their needs from the typical uses such as motion sensors or monitoring doors and windows to remotely controlling lights, thermostats and flood sensors and even sending email alerts and video when children return home from school.

"(The system) lets you know if there is something going on in your home within seconds," Gunkel said.

He added that the system would be beneficial to homeowners who may spend weekends up north, or winters in warmer climate, to allow them to regulate the climate in the house and monitor their security while away.

The system also notifies subscribers and police if there is a break-in while homeowners are at work. Many of the recent break-ins in Trenton occurred during the workday when the occupants were on vacation or at work.

Xfiinty Home ranges from $29.95 to $39.95 per month. Gunkel added that homeowners could receive up to 20 percent discounts on their homeowner's insurance by subscribing. 

Another place to find commercial and residencial 24-hour alarm systems is Certified Alarm in Trenton.


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