Why Can't the Petkovs Stay Out of the News?

The name Petkov is becoming synonymous with bad news in Trenton.

The Petkovs are on the news again. This time, it's the husband. Between the two of them, Scott and Jennifer, the harassment of the neighbors does not seem to be ending any time soon. With Jennifer court-ordered out of the neighborhood, Scott is left on his own in a home that has been the target of a large amount of media attention. 

While you cannot give Scott Petkov a gold star for creativity, he has allegedly been mocking yet another neighbor on Facebook again. This time, his posts were directed to a 16-year-old girl. In the regarding the report, he called her fat on a Facebook page he created. I'm curious what business a grown man has in creating a Facebook page around a 16-year-old not only to insult her, but updating it more than once. 

I find it more disturbing that there were multiple posts mentioned regarding the social network harassment, let alone the page existing. 

After following the Kathleen Edwards story as it unfolded last year, it was hard for me to believe that two grown adults with children of their own could take out their frustrations on a sick child. When Hans Masing of Tree Town Toys originally pleaded to the Reddit community from the heart about giving Kathleen an amazing day, I wanted to help out.

Considering I work nearby to the toy store and live in Trenton, I offered to be a courier for possible donations. Due to the overwhelming support, she was able to travel to Ann Arbor for one fantastic day. While I gladly donated to the cause, the response from the Petkov's was quite unsettling. 

Even after her big day, the Petkov's seemed unrelenting in what they've done in interviews. The media attention that followed painted a picture of people who aren't the neighbors we  hope to have in our community. Between Jennifer being accused of assault and battery, losing custody of her two children, as well as being prohibited by a judge from entering a five block radius from her home.

Haven't they learned anything? 

Karen June 22, 2011 at 10:44 PM
Hi everyone. I think it is so important that anyone who sees this woman breaking the order of protection call the police and give them the information-her name, whereabouts, date and time of entry. Tell the LE that you are doing so to protect yourself and others in the neighborhood. Remember she tried to run someone down with a MV and that is clear insanity. There are charges. Custody of her children. Do not back down when the one gift you can give this family is safety and peace. The more calls the police receive on this the more they will be forced into doing what they are paid to do protect you. Remember also that fb is pretty stringent about removing accounts of those who do wrong--they are almost at fault with their conservatism. If there is true fear of her actions against more then this family do what you can to protect, and it seems the community is trying to give this young lady some good time before she passes--let us think about the grandmother and aunt ahove who remain ok? Peace to all..
Karen June 22, 2011 at 10:53 PM
I read another article where neighbors took a video and were to bring it to the police of this woman violating her protective order; the Judge states she never saw a video and "do not know where she is living" (in Texas she would have to report an address to the court especially if on probation for a felony offense), and ultimately people realize this quote from the other article "any violation in the judge’s order would result in Petkov serving 93 days in the Wayne County Jail, according to Maria Miller of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office." That is all it takes people and do you think if she spent some time in a cell ultimately over 3 months her life might not change? Do it and do not let this continue. Peace.
Deanna Jones June 25, 2011 at 02:08 AM
Without a doubt, these two people are sociopaths.
Lisa Plasky June 25, 2011 at 06:10 AM
Kathleen (2 comments above), I just want to say, "DITTO!" I couldn't have said it better. Especially this comment you made: "And they are so into the facebook fighting i am sure they are tanked up behind the keyboard and go at it"... Some people might not believe how many people do that very thing.
Karen June 25, 2011 at 11:42 AM
Good morning everyone~I am wondering for those who are not named or who are using another name are you fearful of telling police she is breaking the order of protection? I would call it in at various times of the day and different schedules. BUT call it in she will go to jail for three months. Jail is not a place for someone who is found out to be doing harm to a deceased mother and a terminal child. I can imagine she threatens her husband on a daily basis! I can imagine he is not her first husband; if so where are the KIDS? I know the community is making wonderful support for the child but the greatest support you can do in her Mom's memory and for each one of you who lives out there is "call it in and let the law and the Judge who made the decree aware of it." Fear is not of God and this woman has it--she clearly has less than one brain cell functional to do what she has done and her husband may have a lot of air where grey matter should be to abuse a sixteen year old for her weight issue first of all take a look at both of them--they are surely ingesting fat on a regular basis. Peace to all..


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