Petkovs Stir Emotions, Steal Headlines

The Petkovs are at it again, but this time, more than just the Trenton community gets involved.

In a previous column of mine, I asked a question, "Why can't the Petkov's stay out of the news?" Due to a recent complaint filed with the Trenton police by Rebecca Rose, grandmother of Kathleen Edward, the Petkov's are not only back making headlines, but the overwhelming response in by Trenton Patch editor Nate Stemen has everyone in a blood in the water frenzy. While they clearly haven't stayed out of the news, recent developments raise more questions.

A question that has been raised due to the Petkov's presence on Facebook over the last couple of months involves cyberbullying. The usual suggestions involve limiting who can view your profile and knowing who is behind a friend request, but those aren't good enough. Not all of Facebook is private and there are groups that anyone can join. The worst aspect about cyberbullying is the bullying is typically from someone the user knows.

For kids, this is especially hard because they may have to confront their bully in person at their school. A person may eventually feel that they can never escape these psychological attacks and may begin to feel helpless. While some of the younger crowds might think of these tactics as "trolling", slang for being inflammatory to get a rise out of someone. There is a line that separates the two and kids shouldn't feel that they aren't safe from bullying, while away from school.

Growing up with the internet and a variety of bullies, both online bullying and being harassed in school can be emotionally traumatic. If the school fails to protect the child, and the parents either haven't been involved or proved ineffective, what else can a person do? Human beings of all ages have a breaking point. In the recent article involving the complaint filed by Rebecca Rose, it would appear that the Petkov's are pushing her to the limit.

This raises another question. What if the cyberbullying is so severe and disturbing that the story generates hundreds of thousands of page views and thousands of Facebook page "likes" from people around the world in less than a couple of days? While a great deal of people, especially as of late, are demonizing Jennifer Petkov for her behavior, is there a point we can safely assume that this is no longer about attention seeking?

Having read disturbing comments on Facebook apparently posted by the Petkov's using "tick tock tick tock" frequently to a countdown to the day a young girl dies, it's entirely understandable that people are outraged to the point that their comments were moderated on the Rebecca Rose article. Some people cried out in disbelief that this behavior still persists, but others were screaming for justice.

According to the , the best we can do is educate those we know in better protecting themselves from being a victim. Unless, of course, it's your neighbor that allegedly verbally assaults anyone and everyone without remorse. What can the people on the 200 block of Detroit street do with these neighbors from hell? A petition to remove them from the community would be unlikely, if even possible, as a similar petition would be waiting for them in a new neighborhood.

After almost one year since the initial story broke, the Petkov's seem to only become worse. Having received several emails to stop writing about the Petkov's, there might be some truth in those suggestions. Maybe this isn't about people trying to raise a media circus just when you think they've gone.

Eventually, a time might arrive when the mania subsides and someone qualified looks back to help us understand what made these people tick.

Karen June 25, 2011 at 03:53 PM
Danny, I am making one more comment on this situation and then stop for awhile. Right now what can be DONE to protect this child, her immediate family, and those in the community? The protective order is being broken according to many neighbors and community members. That allows law enforcement to come on over, take the woman to jail for 97 days that is 3 months. That is a significant amount of time for the community to support, surround, and plan what next. To move forward. For this beautiful child who has lost her dear mother a time for peace, to enjoy time outdoors (without fear) and the community if terrified then should RALLY UP for a full blown protective order en masse! Depending what state you live in cyber bullying is a timely process to enforce at this time I BEG those in this community to ACT on that protective order; it supports the charges and this woman is just adding up one after the other! Now I'll hush for awhile peace out!!
Karen July 03, 2011 at 09:58 AM
This Texan would like to know how is your situation Trenton? You see down here we do have a saying "if you can't fix it move on" and most Yanks (which I originally was some time ago) analyze, and carry a lot of baggage with some situations that aren't worth the effort. This situation has clearly terrified a community so the question is 'don't you trust your local LE to fulfill their duty with this bizarre criminal mocking the dead and a child of God who is dying much less the rest who are innocent?' and if not what will it take to make that happen? I hate to believe there are further acts allowed which are criminal in nature by this party and her husband and that will only escalate if not prevented and protected now. This is about honoring the child who lives and her family. One cannot give them full protection unless you who witness the daily breech of protection order report it and mean it. Happy 4th Trenton and peace...It will come if you bang it where it's due...
Susan January 14, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Jennifer and Scott Petkov: 167 Detroit Street; Trenton, Mi 48183 : 734-479-0776
Susan January 14, 2012 at 12:40 AM
It's public information. Here it is: Jennifer and Scott Petkov: 167 Detroit Street; Trenton, Mi 48183 : 734-479-0776


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