Karen Jacobsen Responds to Dingell's Comments

My experience in the real world and Congressman Dingell's results in Washington D.C.

This morning I was surprised to read the article titled “Dingell on Opponents: 'Ignorance,' 'Inexperience' Unfit for Politics.”

When I started this campaign I made a commitment to make this about ideas, about bringing a new fresh approach to the district and about giving the voters of our district a real alternative to Washington D.C. business as usual.

Let’s talk about my experience in the real world, as an accountant and business owner, since you brought it up Congressman Dingell. For over 20 years I have owned and operated a Michigan manufacturing company. I have successfully managed our company through three recessions and one financial crisis – of course, with the help of talented and dedicated employees. I am pleased to say that our company has survived the financial challenges and is thriving.

I am proud of my experience in the real world.

Now Mr. Dingell, I have a few questions about your experience.

Have you ever had to keep your paycheck in the drawer so your employees can cash their checks?  I have.

Have you ever had to forego investment and growth in your private business so your employees can have a better level of health insurance?  I have.

Have you ever had to decide which employee gets laid off because politicians like yourself created a world-wide financial crisis by meddling in our country’s real estate market?  I have.

Let’s talk about the results of your ‘experience’ in Congress.

The national debt was $274 billion when you took office 56 years ago. Today that debt is almost $16 trillion.  According to my calculations, if we balanced the national budget today, it will take approximately 320 years to pay off the national debt accumulated during your years of ‘experience.’ 

When you took office 56 years ago, there was cash in our Social Security fund.  Today, after you voted to take, and waste, our retirement money for general fund spending, the cash is gone. Every time a Social Security check is issued, our nation has to borrow money.

Well there you have it, according to John Dingell, my experience of running a Michigan manufacturing company, as an Accountant and lifelong Michigan resident make me Ignorant, inexperienced and unfit for Office. 

My campaign is not about name calling, it is about how we move forward, how we drive into the future and how we get this economy growing again to make Michigan and the United States the best place for jobs and opportunity.  Visit www.KarenJ2012.com to learn more, donate or volunteer. 

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Frank Lee July 05, 2012 at 05:26 AM
July Thomas, JD never liked Obama for the same reasons he doesn't like the two dolts running against him. He supported Hilliary, in 2008 and his wifes idea to front load the Michigan primary in an attempt to get Hillary early victories got Michigan's primary votes disregarded. It is the only reason Obama won. Obama and Pelosi screwed JD but you wont hear that on am radio so I guess it never happened. JD and Obama have fundamentally different views on the direction of the Democratic party but nuance was never a strong point for republicans.
Pete July 05, 2012 at 01:21 PM
The problem isn't federal spending, it's not enough federal spending in our district? Well, that makes perfect sense. Spend more money on me!! lol
Ted Kennedy July 06, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Hey Frank what local do you work for? It may be best that you put your brain in gear before you put your tongue in motion.
Elmer Fatibu July 07, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Couldn't agree with you more, however this fossil thinks he's going to go on forever. He continually says he has some unfinished business in Washington, but this never ends, he won't be happy until he is carried out of office evidently.
Annie Ominous July 08, 2012 at 04:02 AM
While i do not support the bulk of the GOP, John Dingell needs to go. His comments on her are idiocy, proof that he thinks the voting public is single minded and slow witted. I generally vote Democrat, but in this case, I may be willing to make an exception. I believe there is also a Democratic opponent. Regardless, Dingell needs to get put out to pasture. Unlike us, he gets health care for the rest of his life. Why won't he just get the hell out of the way?


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