Patch Picks: Ways to Go Green

Earth Day has inspired and mobilized people worldwide for more than 40 years, bringing awareness to environmental issues and our impact on the environment.

Patch offers some great ways to go green in honor of Earth Day on Friday, April 22.

  • Recycling

The Scene: Visit the Trenton Transfer Station – Recycling Center and reduce solid waste by disposing of newsprint, plastic containers, glass, tin, aluminum cans, empty paint and aerosol cans, appliances, and used motor oil containers. Do your part to conserve natural resources, preserve energy, and produce less air and water pollution!

  • Yard Waste Disposal

The Scene: Utilize Trenton’s annual yard waste pick-up, running from April 11 through November. Residents wishing to participate in curbside yard waste pick-up can purchase a yard waste cart from the city, and can leave yard waste to be picked up on their normal trash day.

  • Conserve Energy

The Scene: Take a trip to ACO Hardware and replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs so you can help save energy and fight global warming. CFLs use 60% less energy and can save approximately 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year!

  • Buy a Hybrid

The Scene: If you’re thinking about purchasing a new car, consider a hybrid. More environmentally friendly, hybrid cars positively impact the environment by lowering fuel consumption, lessening emissions, and reducing environmentally friendly with more walking or biking, and less driving! both air pollution and the effects of global warming.

  • Bring Your Own Bags

The Scene: Where blue is green, Meijer offers reusable blue bags as part of their initiative to go green, giving shoppers an inexpensive alternative to paper or plastic bags. Make a difference on your next shopping trip by employing these bags for your groceries, as well as bringing in old plastic bags for recycling.


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