Going Green for Halloween in Trenton, Grosse Ile

Here are some costume and decoration tips and tricks to ensure that your Halloween is fun and eco-friendly.

If you want to save some money this Halloween, consider going green by making your child’s costume, hosting a costume swap or buying a "recycled” costume from a local thrift store.

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Kids love homemade costumes, and crafty parents can take pride in creating something amazing based on their imaginations.

Pick up costumes supplies near Trenton and Grosse Ile at Alterations and "Sew" Much More on West Road.

Hosting a costume swap is another great way to keep old costumes out of landfills. Have a party with a small group such as a preschool class, church group or scout troop.

Set up a costume swap today by contacting a local church or school.

Thrift stores offer an array of inexpensive “recycled” costumes for everyone from babies to adults, as well as a large selection of new costumes, masks, hats and Halloween makeup. You can also find used decorations such as pumpkin-shaped votive holders and Halloween-themed candles at a fraction of the price you would pay for new ones.

Decorate the outside of your home in an environmentally friendly way with pumpkins, squash and dried corn stalks, which can all be composted when the holiday is over.

TELL US: What are some examples of great homemade costumes that are easy to put together? Be sure to upload photos of your green costumes and decorations in the photo gallery above.

Nate Stemen (Editor) October 24, 2012 at 06:58 PM
I normally create my own costumes, but this year I purchased my entire family costumes online. I loved them and I bought them. Don't hate. Are you buying or building your costume this year? -- NS


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