Controversy Over Risque Mural Generates Heated Feedback

A new mural at Cheeks Sports Bar in Trenton has created a huge reaction from Facebook users and Trenton Patch readers, and we give you the results from the mural poll.

The image of in Trenton has created a storm of controversy, causing scores of people to voice their opinions of the new mural on Facebook and Trenton Patch.

A poll was taken at the time the story was published and the results may surprise you. Nearly 100 people have taken the "Yes" or "No" poll so far.

The question we asked readers was this: Do you find the mural depicting two partially nude women outside Cheeks Sports Bar and Grill offensive?

  • 61% answered Yes
  • 39% answered No

The topic has generated passionate responses on the Trenton Patch Facebook page with some people demanding the mural be removed and others saying it is no worse than what they "see on mudflaps every day."

Here are some of the opinions expressed by Facebook users:

Tracey Feeback-King: Very disgusting

Kyle Adkins: I live on that street and it doesn't bother me at all. Turn your head neighbors its nothing.

Darlene Munoz: ‎Cheap and tacky comes to mind.

Ryan Looney: Looks about classy enough for Downriver.

Julie Kennedy Carpenter: Oh no, that has GOT to go! This is Trenton, NOT Detroit! Where is the mayor and City Council at????

Chris Kwall: Oh please. You can see worse than that walking down the street. Go find something really important to do.

Brooke Anderson: It's completely inappropriate.

Janet Naylor Vandenabeele: It is tacky, but not too different from what I see on mudflaps every day.

Diana Galletti Russell: It is in a neighborhood with a park near by. Those of us with children don't find it very appropriate.

Lisa Mini Sawyer: It's absolutely trashy and inappropriate. Almost makes it look like a strip joint!

Mandy Roberts Trombly: It takes a LOT to offend me, and I find this offensive. I've been in Cheeks and I've never felt so unwelcome in all my life (probably because I don't look like those silhouettes). And why would anyone want that "mural" on their bar? I mean...it just screams "trashy dive" to me.

Gene Laforet: Wow I didn't realize that people that live in Trenton were better than (everybody) else that lives or grew up in a different city. I am not saying that you can't be opposed to certain establishments but actually listen to the words as you read them. It (makes) me not want to house hunt in Trenton.

Kristen Davis: Doesn't signage have to be approved for businesses through the city? If not it should be! I can only hope that there is enough noise about it for Trenton to make them paint over it.

Jackie Christiani Spaulding: All the kids on the bus were trying to imitate the mural!!! Its bad enough that I have to tell friends to "turn right at cheeks" to get to my house, now they have to see this. I feel that Trenton used to have a bit of class and charm, now we are become just as tacky and rundown as the rest. Very sad!

Corinne Cotner-Mullins: This is very sad. I left Lincoln Park just over a year ago because of trash like this and Trenton seemed to be one of the only places left that didn't have these *Establishments* and yet......

Mary Abraham-Garcia: What can we do to see about having these places (cleaned) up??

kitty October 12, 2011 at 11:27 PM
Loo ks pretty tacky and stupid to me. Would not patronize this place. Kitty
Bretton Park Resident October 13, 2011 at 11:02 AM
It's amazing that with the growing adult film industry in Trenton anyone would worry about the bar wall!
Nate Stemen (Editor) October 21, 2011 at 06:53 PM
Update: Cheeks manager Riley Miles said he would cover up the mural. http://patch.com/A-ndNp
Sophie Radakovich November 11, 2011 at 05:26 PM
I was glad to see the suggestive murals go. This is a suburban neighborhood with young families. It's one thing to have a friendly neighborhood bar, quite another to have a bar that promotes and attracts suggestive behavior. It does not make a person feel comfortable walking or driving down the street. I have lived here for almost 40 years, and there has never been anyone walking in the area dressed in a lewd and suggestive manner as one person commented, EXCEPT for the scantily clad waitress I saw coming out of the bar just after the school bus turned the corner. I was behind the bus. Is this a sight that our children should have to be faced with? Shame on the bar manager and the insensitive comments made by people who obviously don't live in the neighborhood! I'd like to know what the ordinances are concerning what kind of bars and activities can take place so close to our neighborhood. There would be a greater outcry if it were in the Bretton Park area or anywhere west of Fort St.


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