Where Can I Find a Pumpkin Pie in Trenton?

It's your last chance to get a pumpkin pie before local bakeries close the doors for Thanksgiving.

It's November. The family is preparing a feast. Someone asks you to bring pie.

Maybe you don't bake. Or maybe you do but you're too busy to get it done before Nov. 22.

Either way, you need a pie, pronto. Where do you turn?

Elliott's Bakery, of course.

Elliott's Bakery is open until 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 21 and closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Owner Ana Vidojevski has been baking pumpkin pies at her bakery on West Jefferson Avenue in Downtown Trenton since 1931.

Vidojevski has been baking pumpkin pies since the start of fall, but Thanksgiving supplies are limited -- so hurry. Pies are $4.50 each.

Elliott's, famous for their cream sticks and donuts, also has pumpkin squares and pumpkin cheesecake, which is Vidojevski's favorite dessert.

Elliott's will also offers Christmas cookies beginning Dec. 1. Just in time for the Trenton Christmas Parade.

Have a favorite local baker we missed? Want to share your favorite recipe? Tell us in the comments!


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