What Businesses Would You Like to See in Downtown Trenton?

Downtown Trenton has a number of vacant spaces up for lease. What businesses do you think should move in?

From the old Raymond & Co. Photography storefront to the giant empty building next to , Downtown Trenton has a number of vacant spaces waiting to be filled.

said Downtown Trenton needs a destination business like Trader Joe's to bring more traffic to the area.

Jeff Cada of said the best businesses in the area are places that provide necessities like doctors' and dentists' offices, banks, barbershops and hair salons.

What we want to know is: What businesses would you like to see in Downtown Trenton?

A sports bar? A posh sushi spot? Trader Joe's?

You tell us, Trenton.

Mack March 31, 2012 at 11:31 PM
We had a coffee shop that failed miserably (although it was a landlord issue); we've had a variety of small business' try to find a niche. It has always seemed to me Trenton has wanted to remain the Mayberry RFD of this area. It would be great to bring some corp entities downtown; they would help pull other business in. But I look at The Grand, which has had 6(??) owners in 10 years. I think Trenton needs to offer incentives, like Wyandotte has in the past
Elida Southlea April 04, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Love the Trader Joe's idea. I moved here from the Grosse Pointe area and miss having a really nice grocer so close. The downtown Trenton area reminds me of Grosse Pointe and I really think this could work well. I hope someone from Trader Joe's see all this postive feedback!! E. Southlea
Erika Korowin April 04, 2012 at 10:00 PM
I agree with Becky Whyte (Go THS '98!) Downtown Trenton needs some energy. A nice tavern/brewery of some kind with some little restaurants - "gourmet" pizza place perhaps? - would be a good start. I can appreciate the comments about a skilled nursing center, a craft store, etc., but I really don't think that that will draw the kind of business or crowds (and money, let's be honest) that Trenton so desperately needs. Trenton has the perfect spring, summer, (and even part of fall) weather for outdoor seating and hanging out for people of all ages. I also appreciate the comments about more "blue collar" bars and I completely agree. A place doesn't have to be fancy. If it has a relaxed and fun atmosphere and good, simple food and drink, people will happily go, especially if it's in their backyard. There is so much potential in Downtown Trenton! I currently live in Northern Virginia and have lived in several places with great downtowns (and those that getting there, like Tucson). It CAN be done, even in a city of Trenton's size. I urge Trenton's City Council to take a look at some successful downtown revitalization projects throughout the country.
Paul S May 26, 2012 at 04:29 PM
I agree with Erika. I think a bar would do well in Trenton. I would like to see the focus of the bar to be on the great Michigan microbrews that are available. Founder's, Short's, Bell's, Arcadia and Dark Horse to name a few. The Oak cafe in Wyandotte is a great example of a tavern that I think it succeed in Downtown Trenton.
Suzanne June 04, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Shoemaker!!!!! The closest "old-fashioned" shoemaker is in Lincoln Park and one in Dearborn Heights/Taylor.


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