Tips for Trenton Homeowners from 'Mr. Handyman'

Each week Mark Slagle, owner of Mr. Handyman in Trenton, will offer tips, tricks and secrets to maintaining and improving your home. Be sure to check out Mr. Handyman's blog for even more tips.

The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, which makes for the perfect conditions to begin that project you've been putting off all winter.

Mark Slagel, owner of in Trenton, has the tips, tricks and secrets to help you make the most out of your home improvements.

Each week Slagel will provide Trenton Patch readers with information on a number of different projects and home improvements.

Slagel grew up Downriver and has owned and operated Mr. Handyman for 11 years and provides professional handyman services including all major and minor home repairs and improvements.

Slagel and his team are fully licensed and insured.

Today's tip helps homeowners find the right material for building a deck.

"I recommend a composite deck verses a wood deck if they plan to live in their house for 20-plus years, because you don't need to maintain it and over the course of the life of the deck you won't need to be painting and staining it every four years."

Slagle said choosing a composite material for a deck can save time and money over the course of the life of the deck, because you won't have to buy paint or stain.

"Do it once," Slagel said. "Anytime I ever did a project I did it with the intention of saying, 'How can I get what I want and free up my time.'"

Slagel said maintaining the deck is as easy as lightly power-washing the material every so often to remove dirt and grime that builds up over time.

Composite deck building materials are available at in Trenton.

For help with your project call Mark Slagel at Mr. Handyman, 2922 West Jefferson, 734-671-5888.

Be sure to check out Mr. Handyman's blog for even more tips. Coming soon.

Nate Stemen April 06, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Got any tips of your own? We'd love to hear them. Tell us your secret in the comment section of this article.
Amy Lutz-Mathias April 16, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Never thought of that! Thank you!
Amy Lutz-Mathias April 16, 2012 at 01:22 PM
What are some inexpensive ways to increase the value of our homes? That would be very helpful right now!
Nate Stemen April 16, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Amy, I think you just picked this week's question. Thanks!


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