Riverside Property Owner: 'I Have Not Given Up On This Place'

Former Riverside Hospital property owner Iqbal Nasir told Mayor Kyle Stack that he no longer plans to go through with construction on a skilled nursing center and assisted living facility in September.

"I have not given up on this place," Iqbal Nasir said of the former Riverside Hospital property. "This is my neighborhood and I promise not to give up."

Work continues this week to improve the exterior of the former Riverside Hospital property owned by Nasir. Though a recent project to redevelop Riverside did not go through, Nasir said he will continue to work with Trenton administration and Henry Ford Health System to create a plan for the property.

Nasir had planned to build a skilled nursing center featuring 80 beds, an acute rehabilitation facility and a health services teaching school on the property, but told Mayor Kyle Stack in September he would not go through with the plan.

"We are looking for some other opportunity, other than the skilled nursing center, and the city is helping to see what other things can be done there," Nasir said. I have no intention to give up on that property."

Work began to improve the property after City Administrator Jim Wagner informed Nasir of the current state of the property on Nov. 20. Wagner said he was concerned of the negative impact the property might have on the neighborhood. He added Nasir responded immediately to the information.

Crews are currently working to fix a number of issues including broken windows, open doors and overgrown vegitation.

Trenton resident Wendy Pate spoke about the property at Monday's city council meeting. Pate said overgrown weeds and recent break-ins at the property have become a major concern for her and her family.

Nasir did not wish to comment on his current plans for the skilled nursing center.

sine-of-the-times December 05, 2012 at 04:02 AM
Thank you for posting Nate. And, Dr. Nasir, please give up. Sell it to the city for $1, so we can raise it. Show your benevolence and donate it back to the city. Please. You have the opposite midas touch, you are making it worse. Sure, he reacted, he got FINED! Well, his response was a short-sighted, half-a$$ed botched job. You don't paint a sign in such an awful white half-a$$ed way, you remove it. You paint the graffiti, not the sign-a$$ backwards. You cover the windows or replace them. You cut ALL the weeds down, not jus the two tallest ones. And, why are you cutting down trees? Please leave them there so that I have some camouflage from the place. It's horrible. I have the list of what you are supposed to do, do you? Please stop trying. You are making it worse. Sell it to the city or donate it. Please.


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