Pharmacist Celebrates 15 Years Serving Trenton

Pharmacist Jim Giordano at West Grange Pharmacy has served Trenton residents for over 15 years.

Jim Giordano knows Trenton residents. He sees them everyday and he calls them by their first name.

Giordano has been a pharmacist at for over 15 years and said being there as long as he has has allowed him to not just serve members of the community, but to befriend them.

"What we do is offer something more, " Giordano said. "We go out of our way."

Giordano became a pharmacist in 1977 when he graduated from Ferris State University, or Ferris State College as it was called back then, and began working in the field shortly after.

He has been at West Grange since Rich Grossman became the new owner in 1996.

West Grange Pharmacy celebrated their 50th anniversary a few years ago and Giordano said he was glad to be a part of it.

West Grange has three other pharmacists on hand, and between the four of them they have nearly 100 years experience.

Effectiveness of Flu Shots on the Obese

With the winter season approaching Giordano took a moment to comment on flu shots and their affect on people who are overweight and obese.

He said recent articles stated obese people are less likely to build up the proper immunities provided by a single flu shot.

"You build up antibodies that combat the flu and obese people don’t have quite the amount of antibodies," Giordano said.

If the patient is grossly overweight it may be a good idea to get two flu shots Giordano said.

He added the patient should always check with his or her doctor before getting a flu shot.

The Blogger

For more useful information similar to the above text check out Jim Giordano's new blog coming soon to Trenton Patch.


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