Opening of Restaurant at Kennedy Delayed

The opening of a new restaurant at Kennedy Recreation Center slated to serve guests March 1 will be delayed.

A new restaurant at will not open as planned according to Kevin Schroeder, part-owner of the construction company building the restaurant.

was expected to open March 1, but construction on the restaurant was not completed as of Wednesday afternoon.

Ron Marcissuk, acting general manager of Legends and managing member of the Restaurant Group LLC, the group that own the restaurant, declined to comment.

Trenton City Manager Jim Wagner said the final approval was not given to open Legends.

He added the Restaurant Group LLC does not have a certificate of occupancy or approval from the health department to open the restaurant.

"It would appear to me, as a city administrator, that facility is not going to be open," Wagner said.

There was no word from Marcissuk when the restaurant might open.

Check back with Trenton Patch for more information on Legends 1926 Bar & Grill.


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