Legends 1926 Under Construction Again

New security measures are being enacted to honor an agreement with Trenton city officials.

Legends 1926 Bar and Grill at Kennedy Recreation Center is under construction, after officially opening the doors in March.

Changes are currently being made to the number of ways in which patrons can enter and exit the restaurant in order to satisfy a security agreement with the City of Trenton.

Trenton officials showed concern about the amount of access patrons have to restricted areas of the recreation center including the ice arena after the arena is closed.

Construction is taking place near a universal access hallway located between the restaurant and the suites located on the second floor of the arena, where a wall is being erected and windows are being added.

At the end of the three-phase construction effort, the entire hallway will be closed to wandering patrons.

Closing off the hallway also improves heating and cooling inefficiencies in the restaurant, which is mostly paid for by the City of Trenton.

All construction must be approved by Trenton city officials and is completed at no cost to the city.

There was no estimated construction completion date as of late Friday afternoon.


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