Legends 1926 Closed for Renovations Until Friday

Renovations began Tuesday morning at Legends 1926 Bar and Grill located on the second floor of Kennedy Recreation Center

Patrons eagerly awaiting the will have to wait a little longer.

are expected to be completed Friday, according to head chef Jeff Opalinski. He added the restaurant will not close again following the re-opening at the end of the week.

Opalinski said the restaurant is currently undergoing upgrades to the kitchen including a new, larger pizza oven that will allow him to handle larger numbers of customers.

Diners can expect a limited menu on Friday until renovations on the new pizza oven are complete.

The restaurant closed last week for renovations and, with the exception of Saturday and Monday, did not re-open for business as planned. Employees fired up the grills temporarily Saturday and Monday for a Trenton Hockey Association fundraiser and Monday night football.


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