Gas Prices Jump Above $4 a Gallon in Michigan

The price per gallon in Michigan has risen $0.07 in the past week, according to AAA Michigan.

Metro Detroit gasoline prices shot up seven cents per gallon in just one week, running an average of $4.04 per gallon Monday, according to AAA Michigan.

Motorists are now spending between $3.93 and $4.09 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Trenton, and many parts of Michigan are also now paying more than $4 per gallon.

As of Monday morning, the cheapest gas in Trenton is available at Future Fuels (Fort Street and Van Horn) and Sunoco (West Jeffersona dn Slocum), which are both charging $3.93 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline, according to gasbuddy.com.

The state set a record last May, when the average price hit $4.26 a gallon.

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