Former McLouth Steel, Solutia Sites Interest Potential Buyers in Trenton

Crews are currently prepping the former McLouth Steel site for a potential sale or lease by cutting up and scrapping metal found on the property.

Large portions of the former McLouth Steel and Solutia sites could be Trenton eyesores of the past.

City Administrator Jim Wagner said 54 acres of the former McLouth Steel site and the riverside Solutia property are on the market and intriguing potential buyers.

“We have people that are showing interest in these particular sites,” Wagner said.

Wagner and Trenton Mayor Kyle Stack have met with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Detroit Chamber of Commerce, Wayne County Economic Division, Port Authority and McLouth Steel property owner Michael Wilkinson to help market the sites.

“We have built some great relationships with the authorities and opened the lines of communication for other future site developments,” Stack said in her State of the City Address Monday.

While Wagner did not wish to discuss specific businesses interested in the properties, he did say buyers interested in the McLouth Steel would likely be of an industrial nature. He estimates the cost of redeveloping the property for residential use to be in excess of $100 million.

“I don’t think residential use is going to happen at that site because of the environmental issues there,” Wagner said.

He added the site is currently in violation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws.

Recently, a portion of a building on the north side of the property caught fire after a cutting torch ignited an oil pit.

Wagner said crews are scrapping “anything and everything” to prepare the site for a potential sale or lease.

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Ron February 07, 2013 at 05:27 PM
This is great news but nothing we haven't heard before. The place is such an eyesore. Just look at the photo provided here. Why is it that the owner of the former Riverside Hospital has been issued numerous property related violations and directed to board up and even paint certain areas to address those violations while a much bigger brighted property sits a half mile to the north and looks ten times worse and to my knowledge hasn't been issued a single violation? Should this new purchase go through I would trust that the City of Trenton would require a bond to ensure clean up of the property and compliance with all ordinances and codes. However, given the magnitude of the property related violations that could be a deal killer for the new purchaser. If that were to occur these same requirements should be required of the current owner the same way they would be imposed on any other Trenton property owner.


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