5 Questions With a Trenton Business Owner: Diva on a Dime

This week we spoke to Kimberly Hillen, owner of the upscale clothing resale shop Diva on a Dime.

Patch freelancer Frank Wladyslawski has been buzzing around Trenton speaking to local business owners and asking them the same basic five questions.

This week Frank caught up with Kimberly Hillen, a Trenton resident who owns the upscale clothing consignment shop Diva on a Dime. 

The downtown Trenton store carries women’s clothing and shoes and features a wide variety of sizes, made by some of the type names in fashion, such as DKNY, Coach and Ralph Lauren.

Diva on a Dime is located at 2355 W. Jefferson Ave. in Downtown Trenton.

Here are the five questions followed by Hillen’s responses:

When did you open?

“September of 2008, we just had our four-year anniversary.”

How did you get involved in the resale business?

“I’ve just loved resale shopping. I’ve always done it. The past 20 years I’ve been a resale shopper. (When it was) time to get a new job, I just decided to open my own business.”

What makes your business unique compared to other resale stores?

“What I think is unique about us is that we advertise ourselves as 'not the typical resale store' and what I mean by that is we try to create a very boutique-like atmosphere, which is unlike other resale stores. That’s what I think sets us apart.”

Why did you choose to open your store in Trenton? Do you plan to remain in Trenton?

“I live in Trenton, so it’s convenient for me. I’m here for a little while hopefully.”

Do you have one or two unique items typically not found in most other clothing resale stores?

“We just pride ourselves in taking quality items and pricing them so that they’re affordable.”


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