VIDEO: Trenton Kids Gather Flying Marshmallows

Trenton Patch editor Nate Stemen caught up with some Trenton kids and a few Trenton teachers to find out what they wanted most at the annual Marshmallow Drop at Elizabeth Park.

Hundreds of children dragged parents and family members through a damp field at Elizabeth Park Saturday to find and collect flying marshmallows.

A wet marshmallow may not seem like a prize, but each soggy, sweet treat could be exchanged for a piece of candy or a tiny prize.

The marshmallows were dropped out of a hovering helicopter and children from all around Downriver ran as fast as they could to gather as many as possible.

Nate Stemen (Editor) April 06, 2012 at 06:31 PM
Were you at the Marshmallow Drop today? What's the best part of the annual event?


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