Meet the Faces of DYPAC

Meet the people who make DYPAC run.

Since 1998, the (DYPAC) in Trenton has provided youth an environment in which they can hone their acting skills, free of outside influences that can sometimes derail a child’s potential.

It’s a place where they can be themselves, without the pressure that comes with fitting in among their peers. Through the hands-on commitment of the adults who dedicate their time and energy to this cause, the kids come out of the program changed, but changed for the better.

It is the people behind the scenes who are rarely recognized, so we here at Trenton Patch want to highlight the selfless work these individuals do. From the dentist who founded the organization, to the guy who approves building trap doors on the stage floor, these are the people who make DYPAC a reality, day in and day out.

We will be sharing profiles highlighting six people who play an important role at DYPAC.  Along the way, we’ll learn a little bit about who they are, why they do what they do, and what they get out of being around these budding thespians.

The series is called “Faces of DYPAC,” but they’re more than just faces. They are people. And, without them, there would be no DYPAC.


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