Fine Art Displayed Near Major Trenton Landmarks

Six original reproductions of fine art dating as far back as the 16th century can be seen in some of the most unlikely places throughout Trenton.

One of the first questions on some residents' minds when they saw a beautiful work of art hanging outside Tuesday morning was whether the elements would destroy the painting.

Short answer -- no. It's by design.

Reproductions of fine art were installed outside major landmarks in Trenton as part of the .

Trenton is one of 29 Michigan communities to be selected for the program and rest assured all the pieces of art are reproductions, but residents can visit the actual works of art and many others at the DIA for free on August 19. Residents can show their driver's license for free admission to the museum.

Six pieces of fine art will be on display at city hall, the police station, Rotary Park, the Cultural Center, Kennedy Recreation Center and Veterans Memorial Library until Sept. 30.

The art includes reproductions of these masterpieces now found within walking distance around Trenton:

  • Coastal Scene with a Man-of-War and other Vessels, 1692 by Ludolf Backhuysen (Dutch, 1630-1708) will be installed at .
  • The Countess de Brac as Aurora, 1741 by Jean Marc Nattier (French, 1685 – 1766) will be installed at .
  • The Wedding Dance, 1566 by Peter Bruegel the Elder (Netherlandish, 1525 – 1569) will be installed at the .
  • In the Garden, 1903/1904 by Mary Cassatt (American, 1844 – 1926) will be post mounted at the .
  • Solitude, 1890 by Jean Leon Gerome (French, 1824 – 1904) will be post mounted at Rotary Park.
  • The Wilkinson Family, 1776/1778 by Francis Wheatley (English, 1747 – 1801) will be installed at .

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is sponsoring the program, which comes at no cost to the City of Trenton.

Nate Stemen July 03, 2012 at 08:45 PM
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